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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Snooze, you'll lose. And Second Place is Dead...

I don't care what you think - you do not have enough ammo.

Lead is far more valuable than gold.

If you have enough ammo to wear our 3 rifles - get more ammo AND rifles.

The stores will close.  You will have whatever you have, and whatever you can scrounge from the battlefield.

Here's the piece.


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  1. Heh, been waiting for this bit o' news to hit. Every national chain store will pull their ammo immediately upon request of "the authorities", without so much as a hint of resistance. They are determined to stay in the 'good graces' of their masters.

    And what they take off the shelves will not be limited to ammo, either. Road flares, gas cans, and any other thing which could be "useful to the mob" can and will be pulled on a moment's notice.

    Buy whatever you know you will need, NOW.
    And buy double because you have no idea how long this 'long emergency' will last.


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