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Monday, April 13, 2015

Lines in the Sand: A Lesson in how NOT to do it...

I make no effort to hide my disposition on so-called "Sovereign Citizens".  Like Anarchists, most of them are not centered in reality.  Since everyone defines words to their own liking (like 'Sovereign Citizen'), I don't use blanket phrases such as "All Sovereign Citizens are whack-a-doos who need stronger meds".  But, I haven't yet met the exception to the rule.

Two "Sovereign Citizens" captured video of their run-in with LEO.  They did the typical "You have no jurisdiction over me" routine.  In the end, they were arrested.  The driver for being drunk (though he refused the breathalyzer) and his buddy for Obstruction.

Remember - examine the premise and do not draw lines in the sand you are not willing to defend. When you fail to defend the lines you draw, you make us ALL look weak.  You are helping to condition LEO that, in the end, you will not defend your beliefs.

These guys take the position that LEO has no jurisdiction over them.  Yet they yield for LEO, engage them in debate, and then permit their arrest.

At some point, boys and girls, you will either back-up your mouth and ideals with whatever force may be necessary to prevail, or you will bend knee.

These guys chose.  They bent knee.

Do not put yourself in the position that you fail to defend your lines in the sand.  The best way to do that - don't draw the lines (or make them public if you do draw them).

Link is here, above the banner story.


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