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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cali Stasi

Larry Parlin, Modesto’s public utilities director, told me. “He just didn’t like his neighbor, so he tried to turn him in.”

This year, we’re not even a month into spring and the city’s phones are ringing with complaints about neighbors overwatering.

“We’re getting bombarded with calls,” Parlin said. “About half of them are legit. The rest are just disputes between neighbors who don’t like their neighbors.”

Kenny has the story, here.

We've written about Stasi tactics that are being implemented in America by our Domestic Enemies.  "See Something, Say Something" is the clearest example.  The byproducts of such a strategy of tyranny are evident in Kenny's piece - neighbors using the force of .Gov to injure people they do not like.  That, my friends, is Evil.  The people who do it are Evil.  The people in .Gov and the private sector who implement and support such programs are Evil.

People are willing to hurt their neighbors right now, just because.  What do you think they are willing to do when the stakes are real, and watering the family is the issue, versus watering the lawn?

Patriots had better be making lists.  If you have a neighbor who is willing to injure you in these times of plenty, for no cause - you'd better make certain they can't hurt you later, when it counts.

Mischa would be stunned at how easily the American people are accepting these tactics.

Our Domestic Enemies have no desire to equal the work of Wolf, Mao or Stalin.

They intend to be crowned as better than them all...

Here's the link.

One final note about we Humans: Mischa Wolf died an old man in the comfort of his bed, in Berlin, long after the Wall "fell".  He did not answer for any of his Evil on this plane of existence.  I hope we Americans are not so forgiving.



  1. I'd spend myself to guarantee that certain creetins get the gruesome boot off this mortal coil; today, tomorrow, or 40 years from now. Thing is, I'd rather run in a heard, when all of our activities grant cover to one another, and thus when the chances of *not* dying during such a caper are so much better.
    The alternative, as I have already proposed, is an "exchange program" where patriots travel to each others' AOs and run op's in partnership, then vanish back into the night to fight another day. Such a rolling exchange would be the best way for III ops to gain momentum, as patriots gain experience.

    Liberty is ours to loose...
    So let's not loose it by sitting on our hands
    until there's a stack at our respective doors.

  2. Amen, Sammy.
    My little town has a couple of "compliance officers" now.

    We don't have neighborhood covenants, but somebody in local govt. decided there's too many assholes who are getting annoyed by other people....and dammit...something needs to be done!

    Last week a little old lady got narced on by a neighbor for having a broken storm door and a couple of empty water bottles out front for the delivery service to pick up.

    It was all on FaceBook, and I went off in my usual fashion...calling people gutless pussies and petty tyrant fascists. (using my real name 'cuz I'm kool like that)

    "The BG compliance douche should pound a metric shit-ton of sand."

    " Who was the fascist in BG who thought it was a good idea to have a "compliance officer?" [What is]...the name of the little redcoat short-dick toady of the petty tyrants who drives around town looking for bullshit excuses to extort money from citizens? Who is the nut-less wonder who filed this particular anonymous bitchy complaint?"

    I hope and pray one of these compliance fucks comes-a-knocking. I may purposely burn an old couch on my front lawn just to provoke the bastards.

  3. Glad I left that Commie hellhole. Still, the Comtards infiltrate everywhere. I hate what I see in Austin. I am so damn eager for weapons-free :) Soon it will be upon us.

    1. I have found in many places that the 'locals' ask a particular question of new arrivals very quickly: "Are you from California?"

      In several western spots I have visited over the last few years, it is a consistent fact that Californians have been migrating to smaller (and mid-size) western towns and cities for more than 25 years, and bringing with them their California Red ideologies, then becoming very active in local politics, forcing changes upon their 'new home towns'.

      Where I am now, the locals don't even bother to hide their disgust with anyone who admits to having come from California - it is now a knee-jerk reaction.

      This is how the Western US has been going Pink for several generations.

    2. Yep, and it sucks to be lumped in with the retards (some, not all) that spread out from there. I usually just say I have been around. If they press, I sadly admit it and shrug. Been in TX the last decade, though, and I DEFINITELY shrugged off all that progressive crap I was taught as a young punk there in CA. Sadly, I see the ones that DIDN'T shrug it off spreading to positions of power (like Austin - barf), bringing their filthy ideologies with them and holding onto them with a death-grip. I wish the party would start already.

  4. It ain't just water, Karl Denninger has mentioned something that's getting a lot of hype these days is ''the Internet of things''
    An example he used: The worst part of mass-market items is just that -- they're mass-market. That is, a vector found in such a device opens up destructive capability across thousands or even millions of homes and businesses at once.

    Consider just the benign one -- an attempt to drive your utility bill to the moon. Simply wait until your "thermostat" indicates you're not at home for an extended period of time (more than 24 hours), signalling that you're probably on vacation. Then ramp the inside temperature up to 99 degrees and hold it there, effectively locking your heating system "on" -- when it's 20 below outside.

    Now here's the really scary part; Let's say his hypothetical played out - a week, (or two, or more) with the heat/AC cranked to insane levels with no one to stop it. The utility company's going to notice that, it's literally their job to - for things like billing.
    Your utility bill info (usage) is not private! They see the big spike in usage and pass that info on to the police. They drive a cruiser by with an infrared scanner aimed at the house - it registers an unusual heat signature, unusually warm or cold (like if the heat/AC's been turned up to full blast).
    They take those utility and infrared scan records to a judge - and as the Grateful Dead once sang ''if you got a warrant, I guess you're gonna come in''.
    You've returned from your absence with a Bearcat rolling up, and the local gestapo in full gear. That's a problem.
    Don't think that could happen? It does all the time, all over the country, busting a marijuana 'grow house' looks so cool on the 6 o'clock news.
    That you've never smoked the stuff or could even tell a pot plant from aloe plant doesn't matter.

  5. I'm tired of this shit.

    Yeah, Cali is FU**ED up, and the libtards are streaming out to all areas to infect the local populations. It's in their playbook, just like diluting California with border crossers to keep Pelosi and Boxer in play. Hell, they even re-districted to cement their control. But I'll be damned if I will continue to sit here and be slammed as a Californian and painted with a broad brush. How bout I say all of Idaho are Nazi motherfuckers because thats the image, or all Texans are fat fuckers with Longhorns on their Cadillacs? Those of us that have CHOOSEN to stay and try to turn the tide, standing on 4th and 5th generation farmland (open carry on your own property too), all feel shit on by people who make comments like those above. Anyone who actually cares to look will see the majority of California is AG LAND. We dont have the numbers to overturn the major breeding centers of LA and SF, but once you get outside the population centers you'll find people who still sing the anthem and pledge the flag before opening meetings, and all despise what Cali has become.

    Anyone who wants to talk more can contact me. I'm not hiding behind an 'anonymous' login. My email is Rob@ModelIgnition.com

    1. Are you feeling guilty or something... What part of what K said wasn't true...I've lived in Cali and couldn't wait to get out of there because even though I lived in a conservative county(Inyo) I was still affected by the Libtards stupid policies... You can always move like I did on to freer pastures and end up happier in the end...


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