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Friday, April 3, 2015


Cognitive Dissonance.

Normalcy Bias.

If you resemble either of those remarks, sort it the fuck out.  While you exist in either state, you are useless to yourself, your family, your Tribe and your Country.

Face it, handle it, then catch up with us.



  1. Sam Culper covers these topics in detail, and even Mosby addresses them. If YOU haven't dealt with the fact that your ideals and actions don't add up...well..

    1. Care to elaborate on how my ideals and actions don't add up?

      Feel free to identify yourself, don't be skeer'd.

  2. Schacher, 1st Force Recon Co. USMC. If I am going to call anyone out it will be by name. Ego has no place in leadership, check it at the door. My comment was aimed directly at those who read this blog and may have/not taken a good hard look at themselves. It is easy to estimate yourself if you have never been challenged, but difficult to face your own faults or weakness in the full light of day. I will be seeing plenty of patriots at the next rifleman challenge, not that I need to, but because I believe that even old fat guys can lead.

  3. Schacher - my apologies. Your first comment seemed like a grenade launched specifically in my direction. I do read things with that lens in place once in a while. ;)

    Carry on.


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