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Saturday, April 4, 2015

What if your neighbors behaved like DHS?

What if your neighbors started giving you the stinky eyeball whenever you shared physical space?

What if your neighbors began adopting the prevalent LEO disposition toward non-LEOs that is on display in our communities every day?

What if your neighbors began stockpiling weapons and ammo and less-lethal munitions suitable for a small army?

What if your neighbors began hardening their homes, and even purchased hardened facilities like toll booths (suitable for closing-off your neighborhood streets) and storing them in their back yard?

What if your neighbors began driving up-armored rigs?

What if your neighbors began searching your computer?

What if your neighbors began tracking your every movement?

What if your neighbors began amassing every bit of financial and social information about you, including medical?

DHS has done and continues to do each of these things.

If your neighbors did these things, would you identify them as Friend or Foe?

Would you wait until your neighbors came to your front door in a group, before you decided to take action?

Here's the latest link regarding such behavior from DHS.

The evidence is in front of our faces.  One thing we will never be able to say with any shred of legitimacy is "We didn't know..."



  1. What if my neighbors acted like this?

    Heh, not all self-defense is reactive in nature. When the threat is voiced to you over and over, in so many carefully couched words, you are not obliged to wait for the knife to be at your throat before you act. Legitimate self-defense enjoins the moment you recognize the threat to be real and imminent... what happens after that is purely ruckus, and the order of the day is simply, "be the one who comes out on top."
    And it's always better when you complete the job so that afterwards, there is only your side to be told.

    This is why, in every truly civilized culture, the concept of the 'gentleman's duel' persists - some things can only be decided by the mortality of the wounds inflicted.

    And this is why the first tenet of Political Correctness is that, "an argument is never over until your side wins" - they don't have the stones to duel, but they want the satisfaction and the finality of it. There's a word for that - pussies.

  2. I live in CT! DHS behaves like us not the other way around. We are on the pointy end of the spear with Capt Dannl Malloy straining to reach Obumblers sack.

    1. Fingers Malloy sucks sack far lower than 0bungholes.
      And then take a mouthful of whaleshit to freshen his breath.

      Seriously, GTFO of the commie corridor...it's a death trap in so many ways, as I have previously warned -
      "...There are certain areas which will be most dangerous when the iceberg flips. Be gone before the day arrives, or in all likelihood you will see your last days when this event comes to pass. Most dangerous in that moment are the great metropolises: Boston, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Miami, Baltimore, and others of equal size. Any place within two hours drive of such a city will dissolve, overnight, into an apocalyptic vision beyond any decent description. The Boston to Washington DC corridor will be first and worst hit. Get out now – take a leave of absence from work, and search eagerly for a safer place to live, which you can afford with a minimum of reliance upon our current economic structure."


      "...By Saturday evening the insanity has infected the city nearest you, about 20 miles away, and there is a constant stream of reported rioting, looting, and shootings on the TV news. Your neighbor is a police officer in town, and he comes over to talk to you briefly before heading in for a shift – he says that his department has been told that they may have to send officers to assist in the city, and asks if you can you keep an eye on his family during his shift overnight? What can you say but “of course I will”…and think to yourself, “it’s not like I was going to get any sleep anyway.” Before heading out, he hands you his police scanner, quickly shows you how to use it..."



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