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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tiger Stripe in Evergreen Setting

Curious about your experience with Tiger Stripe patterns in high mountain regions with evergreens as the predominant foliage.



  1. We initially were standardized on tiger stripe. In Florida, it's a good choice for the low swamp areas. Especially during the low light hours of dusk and dawn. We've changed over to ATACS-FG now. It really is amazing. When someone moves into the bush about 20-30 meters they just disappear.

  2. Born and raised in the Tx/La swamps, The tiger stripe of old always gave us the edge we needed to get a lunch. Been my favorite ever since.

  3. ERDL both lime green and brown dom and one of the Vietnam pattern tigers are my "go to" for the backdrop in Ky. But you should try to be a little more specific as to what "tiger" pattern you prefer as there have been AT LEAST 30 different "tiger patterns" made since the 50's .At least six to ten of them are still in production / reproduction and many MANY more than that are widely available from production lots dating back to the 80's. --Ray

    1. Tiger like in the video and at the top of the page - Vietnam pattern & color scheme, whether John Wayne Dense or the latest version from TSP.

  4. Evergreens? What evergreens?

  5. I've used surplus tiger stripe in the past for hunting in Ohio,where it's fairly good for turkey hunting in spring,also in both Colorado and Montana on elk hunts years ago,in predominately evergreen woods
    Not the most effective-for one,the stripes go the wrong way-as in they need to be vertical,not horizontal,for two-the colors aren't quite right.

    This one is a military pattern,not sure if it was tested and never adopted,or if maybe some SF units used it-sort of a vertical tiger stripe,and it can be found at surplus stores,my brother just piked some up last fall at a small surplus store in Cleveland,Ohio.


    This is not tiger stripe,don't know if you've heard of this one or not,but from a hunting camo standpoint,it's one of the best designed for military patterns I ever used...


  6. As far as 'milsurp' gear goes, Tiger Stripes (John Wayne Dense) are the shit here in the 'Carolinas, where we have mixed conifer and hardwood forests, all growing out of various shades of clay (and sometimes with a swampy layer for your ambulatory pleasure ;P )
    There are a number of companies currently reproducing JWD/TS (or a damn good facsimile thereof) in utilities, packs, and various other bits of gear, so you can get it in the sizes and quantities needed to outfit your team. Check the quality of materials with any particular vendor before going all-in with them, but the pattern itself is definitely a winner for down east 'Carolina.

  7. I've had good luck with it hunting early season in predominately evergreen forests, but if you have any amount of deciduous trees in the area, you might have problems. Also, I never much cared for the amount of black in the tigerstripe I had available.



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