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Friday, April 3, 2015

No Worries, American 'fraidy cats! Russia still moves her troops by train!

There will be no solace in knowing I was correct as the world ends.

How they got the base is a lesson in utter stupidity or deep penetration by Fellow Travelers.

How many Americans even in this Liberty Movement snorkle when you say the words "Russia" "China" "Communist" "Red" and/or "Threat" in the same paragraph?  Anyone who does should be immediately removed from your list of "Serious Thinkers".

You have been warned, and there is no crying in baseball.

"Nothing to see here!"

For Fuck's sake.

Here's the link.



  1. Fools will be fools; and commies will be commies. It's no shocker that the latter enjoy the company of the former, for they are in need of 'mass' to shield them from their own errors, upon detonation.

    We have seen these things before. There were once many Mensheviks in Russia, as I recall. Now, not so much.
    And after the purges, on to total victory, comrade.


  2. How do you say "Quisling" in Russian?

    I remember when it was posted for sale. I wished I had a few million laying around so I could play Bond villain.


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