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Friday, April 3, 2015

Plows had better be beaten back into swords, folks...

SAN FRANCISCO – The state can remove an out-of-control child from the custody of a parent even if the mother or father is not to blame for the child’s behavior, a California appeals court said Thursday.

OK - everyone say it with me...




And now all at once:  Extirpate.

Kenny has the story, here.



  1. "'It broadens the government's power,' he said."

    A government court ruled to broaden the government's power? Who could've guessed? There've been a ton of these--forever really but they're increasing a lot--even for letting capable kids go to the park or ride a subway. "Our children," right?

    This stuff sends me, but what's particularly worrisome is that it doesn't send everyone else, especially parents. If they won't fight over their own kids, they sure won't fight for something like Individual Liberty. Sad to harden one's heart over stuff like this, but for me it's, "Oh well, their choice."

    You won't see me looking to change the gene pool--I see nothing but individuals out there--but I reckon it'll happen anyway. Reality is like that.

    1. Every right is also a duty; and ever privilege an obligation.

      For those who have forgotten this simple fact, who have subsumed their individuality in the demonic 'we' which our society has become, will face the fact that, as you say, "Reality is like that"; and yes, it will be the shock of shocks for damn near all of them... and more than they can withstand. Faced with this sad Truth, all I can say is, "what a waste".

      And surely it is their choice, but have not our masters contrived such choices to be dominant? Haven't they made clear that they desire to greatly reduce the population, and to LIMIT those who remain in such fashion as to enforce 100% adherence to their wicked ideology? Or, as I have previously stated;
      Collectivism does not admit any; rather, it demands that all be enrolled regardless of their will, and has as a core value that there should be no free choice anywhere – even outside the collective; no man, once enrolled by the collective, may recant his entry thereto, for the collective releases those who dissent only by death. Even death is denied it’s dignity by the collective…

      Yeah, we've arrived at that place. Time to saddle up and ride out to meet them...


    2. "And surely it is their choice, but have not our masters contrived such choices to be dominant?"

      Yep, and that's all it ever was...their choices, our choices. I can't see any sensible response except, "Make what choices you will, bud, but you ain't making any for me."

    3. Their 'choices' and our are patently incompatible - therefore one or the other must be extirpated.

      What they fail to contemplate in the fullness of their hubris, is that they may be the ones on the loosing end of that mutually exclusive proposition which they themselves have created.
      So thus have I responded;
      I smell you, my enemy; I can feel the ambush you have laid for me and my true countrymen, all about like a sticky spider’s web, yet we will not back down; and though you will kill some of us, you will not get us all before we have finished with you.

      ...in other words, there isn't anything left to be said.
      It's time to take up arms.



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