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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Not everything is a NWO/Bilderberg/Commie/Muslim/Black Flag/Jade Helm Secret Squirrel Op...

I made a Palin-esque quip when asked about my personal beliefs on many things conspiratorial.

"I'm not crazy, but I can sure see it from here."

I know all of us are on the lookout for clues that S is hitting the F.  Awareness is prudent.  We are predators in a world filled with other predators, many of them are meaner and leaner than are we.  

But that prudent awareness MUST be tempered by calm resolve and common sense.  If you spend all your energy bouncing from rumor to rumor, you'll be exhausted and fully in the grip of "The boy who cried wolf" syndrome when S really does start H'ing the F.

I admit the odds of several stores in widely disparate locations, all with potential relevance to Border issues, all closing at the same time for the same purported reason, especially one as unlikely as 6-month plumbing repairs, raises questions and warrants attention.  We have Patriots in all those locations.  We can, and will get the truth.  But let's get that truth before jumping to FEMA round-ups. If you see more guard towers and razor wire at these stores than septic trucks and excavators, that would be a clue.  If the "Plumbers" look more suited to Tacticool posters than ass-crack posters, that will be a clue.  Let's get the facts - then decide how to act.

A Patriot ally and I are working on a small, but I think important, project to help the community in this regard.  He brought the concept to me in the wake of last week's FireHawk misfire.  It is a good and prudent plan, and if properly implemented with support from the bloggers in the community, it can go a long way to not only helping keep hysteria at bay, but ensuring none of us react inappropriately based on bad information.  The BLM/Oregon situation is precisely the type of event we are talking about here.  There isn't much "There" there - not warranting a Militia or TOC response, anyway.

One he and I hammer out the basics, we'll present it to the community for input and we'll all work together to tweak it - and we'll decide together if it is even a useful tool.

Just remember, at the end of the day, whatever tools we may create to help Patriots remain informed with solid information, ultimately it is you who will do what you think is best.  And it is you who will shoulder the responsibilities for whatever actions you take.  When you decide to step off the porch, make damned sure you are doing so based on solid, legit intel.



  1. We all those type of folks "Chicken Littles" around here. We get a kick out of them. Then we ignore them and carry on.

    What will be, will be. Our job is to be ready regardless of what may occur.

  2. Heh, a bunch of addresses got leaked...


  3. Local TV station's "investigative reporters" come up with relevant info once in a while...

    I-Team: Walmart stores that were suddenly closed for plumbing issues haven't sought permits


  4. They closed down Mohawk correctional facility here in NY. But there has a been a steady supply of contractors and construction there since. They even replaced the old boxy cameras on the poles with nice new dome ptz's. Nothing gives the creeps more than a vacant prison that keeps getting upgraded. There's not much else use for a building like that...


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