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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Consider: Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart Store Locations
The announcement of sudden closings of several Wal-Mart locations, giving the same reason in every instance, immediately rang of old-school .Gov explanations of events that slack-jawed bureaucrats would utter, or arrogant untouchables, to many of us who are old enough to remember when the Cold War was still being played above the fold.  Ask the Kremlin spokesperson why the public has not seen Stalin in 50 years, the answer was often akin to "Great Leader is fine!  He is vibrant and fathering many new sons for the Fatherland!  He has a small head cold."  Of course that is tongue-in-cheek, but not by much.  Many of us remember that sort of pablum from foreign governments as well as our own.  

Wal-Mart's closings for plumbing in several cities sounded familiar.

Perhaps Wal-Mart was simply throwing a snit after being forced to raise their unit-cost-of-labor recently.  A few pennies per hour, per employee (with the associated rise in pennies per hour paid in taxes to Uncle Sam) is not chump change when your operation is as vast as is Wal-Mart's.  In a company like Wal-Mart, one simply can't easily pass-on the new overhead expenses to the consumers - not while keeping their edge over competitors.  So, maybe closing a set of stores in designated places was a tantrum, or a warning shot.  "You make us lose money, we throw hundreds of your locals out of work!"

Perhaps the plumbing broke in those stores.  Could happen.

Here's where my dot-connecting took me yesterday: Rightful Liberty Report had a headline recently about .Gov running Special Operations Forces programs targeting Social Media.  Here's a link from 2012, and another from 2015.  We all know that Wal-Mart has a working relationship with FedGov (and local .Govs) at many levels.  Without question, Wal-Mart has become a fundamental part of our national infrastructure.  If every Wal-Mart closed tomorrow, I dare say our nation would stumble pretty heavily - people would die - before other retailers could fill the vacuum.

Until I get strong evidence to the contrary, I am going to conclude that the Wal-Mart announcement to close several stores, in the manner they chose to announce it (a manner that was CERTAIN to catch the attention of conspiracy-minded folk) was a dye-pack thrown into the water for the benefit of .Gov to see how the online world responded.  Who responded.  How they responded.  Conclusions reached.  Actions taken.  It was a full-spectrum test.

Judging by what I watched yesterday - if there is a coordinated multi-agency monitoring system in place to watch the web, they had a good day yesterday.  The Alex Jones "There is a conspiracy at the bottom of EVERY happenstance in the world of man & nature" crowd responded as expected.  The genuine whack-a-doos to the outer-fringes of the Alex Jones audience are probably still in their bunkers.  Even mainstream media jumped into the fray (perhaps because they have a knee-jerk hatred for Wal-Mart) and began researching pulled permits, et cetera in the jurisdictions affected.

If - and I mean IF - the Wal-Mart announcement was a dye-pack test, then the people running the test learned a tremendous amount about how you, and many of our neighbors, will react to future such events.  They will plug holes where they see vulnerabilities to their own defenses (they'll learn to lie better) and they are mapping places/phrases/people/groups that can be exploited.

RevWarIII is in full swing, folks.  That is why I have weighed everything about the Wal-Mart event that I have available to me, sifted it through my life-experiences filters, and concluded that it was a test.  I will operate under that premise until I am convinced I am wrong.

My conclusion, having decided it was a test by OpFor - they have plans of extirpation, too.  They believe in CA's conclusion that a continental-wide war of extermination is inevitable.  They mean to win this war. 

And they are NOT playing defense.

You and I are NOT on their team - we are to be manipulated into favorable fighting zones.

Take my two cents for whatever it may be worth to you.  For me, I am simply more convinced they are coming, with everything they've got, before the 2016 vote.



  1. As with most things, what we see is the distraction for what we aren't supposed to see. The off hand is ALWAYS busy. No need to tell you that though.

  2. Sam, this is off topic but I don't have time to hunt down your Email addy right now.

    I have found myself twice in the last week scrolling through pages of your posts trying to find something that I have seen here with no luck, once was from a Google search result no less.

    I believe Blogger has a Search function gizmo you can add as a Gadget.
    Would you consider adding that?
    You are getting quite an archive now and it would be nice to be able to fins something without searching fruitlessly.


    1. Phil: Right toolbar, just above the blog roll - search widget. ;)

  3. Funny I was thinking much the same thing. The guys doing the sneaky Pete stuff here in the Louisville AO all look like cats "hiding" under a bush going "You can't see me". 'Bout as stealthy as a guy in a black suit with an ear bud talking to his watch. So if you see them in YOUR AO take 'Em coffee and rolls and let em know you support the troops.---Ray

  4. Bullseye. They sent out a bishop to elicit a response.
    From the homework I did, 3 of those store would have made sense to consolidate, anyway. Perhaps there were legitimate facilities issues in the other 2? Who knows. But WM is a 'team player', and they got sent to do an errand, so they did it. It's what you do when you're voluntarily in-tow.

    Many of the hard-wired reactionaries nervously fondled their King and went spastic with mutual paranoia; effectively, prisoners in an echo chamber, screaming about the noise level.
    Much self-branding occurred.
    Mission accomplished for the oligarchs.

    Forecast for tomorrow: More of the Same. They want as many people burnt out from the stress as possible; their resources drained, their sanity taxed to the limits. Most of us are not there yet - and be wary of those who appear to be getting too close.
    This is a marathon, folks. Get your stride, and hold fast to it.
    Fail to do that, and you will burn yourself up in the first hour...


  5. A very thoughtful conclusion to this event. The explanation by Walmart definitely pegged my BS meter. I wouldn't put it past Obama and company to try and pull something off during '16, but I don't think it will go off as easily and smoothly as they believe. We are after all talking about a set of .gov agencies that have time and again demonstrated their lack of general competence. And bringing in any foreign entities would really light a fire under the fence sitters.

  6. http://oathkeepersjoco.com/
    17 April 2015
    At the request of the Sugar Pine Mining Claim owners, Oath Keepers of Josephine County mission is to ensure the mining claim owners 5th Amendment Constitutional Right to Due Process is not violated by the Bureau of Land Management.
    This is NOT a standoff with BLM. We are NOT promoting any confrontation with BLM. This is a security operation for the protection of Constitutional Rights. If you have a different agenda outside of the above peaceful mission statement, we don’t need your assistance. Please DO NOT make any type of threatening phone calls to the local BLM or USFS as it undermines our mission, professionalism and is unwarranted. Thank you.

    All responders and media personnel are required to check in at the staging area. Nobody is to go directly to the mine and will be denied access.
    545 California Ave
    Grants Pass (Merlin), Oregon

  7. By the way, a minimum of 300 soldiers of the 173rd Airborne are now in Ukraine.
    How incredibly stupid and traitorous the actions of senior Army leadership and dc are in this matter.
    The ruling dictatorship of the us initiates and fully sponsors the overthrow of an elected government (regardless of it's shortcomings), that country is now fighting a civil war, and the us sends in soldiers from one of it's toughest and well trained Airborne units to supposedly train soldiers loyal to a coup.

  8. Someone needs to double check but wasnt these same stores the ones where they had all the protests for that $15.00 a hour wage non sense?

    Also how is the Government mount any kind of an offensive when over half of our men and women in uniform have low morale?


    Last I tell how all of you who will not be taking part in Jade Helm Excerise this summer and how you can pick out the ones that are.

    No overweight men, no women(sorry ladies not being sexist/dont know of any special forces personnel that are female), No drug addicts or Idiots,

    Only males in the 18-40 yr old range in great physical shape and used to getting their way will the ones to look for. Fat old men will not be taking part.

    So unless they plan to put a lot weight on between now and when the excerise begins you now know what to look for.

  9. OMG... STOP. I live in Brandon... the latest news is that the property in question has been bought out by AMC to build a multiplex... either way, we are 'super' saturated with Wally Worlds here... ENOUGH with the wild ass guesses... the REAL deal is an out of control dot gov... Wally World ONLY care about the bottome line and profit, and coukld give a shit about anything else... stop with the insanity....


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