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Friday, April 17, 2015

Russia moves trrops by Train & China has no global desires!

I find as I grow older that my ability to tolerate stupid people is diminishing at exponential rates.

Two stories to remind Patriots that the world is filled with dangers.  Our most immediate dangers lie from within, to be certain.  Yet our Domestic Enemies can open the doors or force our Foreign Enemies into action with frightening quickness and consequences.

Our Domestic Enemies MUST GO.  Reasonable, prudent men must be put back at the levers of control in our Society, lest everything you and I cherish will be erased from planet Earth.

Story 1: Buchanan on Russia & WWIII

Story 2: Remember the island China was making in the South China Sea?  It is an airbase.  It will be operational soon.

You and I have very limited resources.  It would take the III generations to build an airstrip in the middle of a sea.  We'd all be speaking Russian before we could put our heads and hands together to build a nuclear deterrent to even make Mexico take notice.

As you read the above two links, I've provided a suitable musical accompaniment.

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  1. "Stupid is as stupid does."?
    Well, stupid certainly is prodigious - this lonesome road is paved with an unending supply of it. Some would call it "unbeatable", and not even try; but for whatever reason, we simply can't accept that as the answer.

    I believe there is a reason we are outnumbered and outgunned. I believe there is a reason that we are at odds so often with those we care about, even within our own families. And I believe there is a reason why this fight never ends, but persists from generation to generation, without end. There might even be a book which explains it all...

    As I've said now many times, now - this is a marathon.
    Get your stride, and hold fast to it.

    Blow everything you've got today, expecting to die, and tomorrow will be quite a disappointment for you when it arrives. The end is not ours to declare; our job is to hold fast until it gets here.


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