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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Anarhists in Seattle show who they are, so believe them...

When someone tells you who he is, believe him.

Anarchists rally on May Day.

The value of Anarchists to Liberty advocates?

Zero.  In fact, they are an impediment.



  1. For a group of people that hate government simply because it exists, they sure love getting the gov. do things for them.

  2. You made a fair point at the other place. "Not standing with" is not the same as "bearing arms against." It was your "joined at the hip" brother that did that, but you haven't yet agreed that you're joined at the hip. So you were right and I was wrong on that particular charge. Sorry.

    Now it's your turn. You know damn well that "anarchist socialists" or whatever the hell they call themselves, are nothing like the "anarchists" that come up on these topics, whether anarcho-capitalists or whatever. And saying that someone is a certain way because of a WORD that's associated with them...well, you know better than that.

    BTW you might be surprised that even though I'm a strong defender of (moral) Capitalism, I have never bought into "anarcho-capitalism" and have written in some depth on my philosophical disagreements with David Friedman and many other "utilitarian" A-Cers. Indeed, if you look at the underlying principles--including pragmatism and utilitarianism--it turns out that you're philosophically much closer to them, than am I.

    I guess the conclusion is---there's nothing but individuals out there. Anything else is Collectivism.


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