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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Laying Foundations: Building an Auxiliary Cell

I remain convinced that without a broad and deep Auxiliary, the fight for Liberty is already lost.

Mosby has a good piece on where to start, if you are behind the curve.  If you are building Auxiliary, look for information that may help you build your capabilities broader and deeper.

The Auxiliary will help keep you in the fight.  The Auxiliary is where you will find the people who can make you the widgets to improve your ability to shoot, move & communicate.  The Auxiliary is that group of people who will make sure your wife and kids are safe, while you are hunting.

Here's the piece.


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  1. Without the auxiliary, there can be no victory, because there will be no sustainment to the fighting force. In fact, there will be no organized fighting force at all - just individuals and small groups of men who will be ambushed, picked off at will by a force superior first in *organization*, second in intel gathering and use, and only third in raw capacity to project force.
    The auxiliary is our sole source to match OPFOR in those first two areas. Only with those two key elements squared away can we hope to counter their capacity to project force...

    That's just the nature of the game. You can't change it any more than you can shift the phases of the moon.

    So get to work building your local auxiliary network. Because all the battle-rattle in the world isn't a valid substitute. It'll just make your body heavier to carry off the field.


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