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Friday, May 1, 2015

Don't worry about Russia...troops...trains...China...regional...dammit...

Three interesting headlines for anyone with at least two geo-politically astute brain cells working:

One: China & Russia Joint Naval Exercises in the Med - here

Two: Russia runs 2 Bear H (nuclear-capable) Bombers off Alaska - here

Three: US .Mil running a 2-week set of exercises titled "Red Flag Alaska" - here

I'm not saying kids need to be ducking under desks.

I am saying that "Red Flag Alaska" as the name of a US .Mil exercise occurring over May Day, put into the larger context, should make your spidey-senses tingle.

I truly do not think there is a plot to have CONUS invaded by Russians or Chinese.  Our own Red Domestic Enemies want their own Kingdom.

I do think our Domestic Enemies, as well as Team BearDragon, see the world in 3 primary pieces, all Red pieces of the same pie.  Russia claims all of Europe, the ChiComs all of Asia, and the USSA has North & South America.  Africa?  Who the F* wants to "rule" Africa?  No, Africa will simply be strip-mined by all three world players.

Our current Red Domestic Enemies would not be working so hard to create a Police State if the plan was to simply hand over the continent to BearDragon.  No - our Domestic Enemies see themselves as an equal player among the Three.  That doesn't mean they won't accept "Humanitarian and Peace Keeping assistance" if we prove to be a bit too rowdy, with Dragon boots in the west and Bear in the east.

Pay attention, folks.  There is more in the works than merely having Baltimore PD loyal to DC.


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  1. The part about the bombers that got my attention was the fact that we DIDNT scramble fighters this time.


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