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Friday, May 1, 2015

Sharpton: We're Going to have to Fight States Rights

Domestic Enemy of Liberty
Why is the strategy of "Restoration, then secession if you wish" so logical?

Because even our most rabid Domestic Enemies recognize the USC as the fundamental impediment to achieving their goals.  More accurately - our Domestic Enemies recognize that the overwhelming majority of Americans accept the legitimacy of the USC as the supreme law of the land.  Unless you are going to slaughter them all, you must pay homage, however insincere, to their touchstones.  They can't simply dismiss the USC in America any more than they can condemn the Bible - the masses in America simply won't have it.  These things must be done in slow motion.

This is why Restoration is the best course for those seeking Liberty.  

And within that document and the BoR, lies every weapon we need, except the Human Agency willing to defend it on the Green.  Sharpton just telegraphed to you their primary fight - States Rights.  The 9th and 10th Amendments are where you will win legitimacy among the muddled masses, even when you use the 2nd to do so.

Here's the video.



  1. Unlike Michelle Moore, this filthy things has yet to ever be correct about anything, even once. Making MM look and sound sane (on occasion) is quite an accomplishment, IMHO, but that's how far off base Sharpie is. He'd be of more use to society as a flippin door stop.

  2. This guy is a blatant communist and should b tried for treason. Oh wait, the irs wont touch him so he's got dirt on somebody.
    John h

    1. No, John, he *is* the dirt on somebody. Many somebodies...

      Don't even give things like this a running start to the door.
      Just do it.

  3. Now THAT'S an argument, a very sensible one IMO. With good sense like that, maybe others will jump on board.

    Problem is, for too many it just doesn't matter...they're done with it and they're not going back. That's why hierarchy of principle is important...those free folk get THEIR version of Rightful Liberty just like anyone else, AND their values trump what a bunch of commie-libs and thugs believe in their heads. Pandering and/or appeasement never achieved anything worthwhile.

    So the problem's still there and nothing can solve it but hierarchy of principle. Either Rightful Liberty trumps or Restoration trumps; you can't have two "first principles." That's not to say that both can't happen as you intimated elsewhere; it's to say that both can't be the "supreme goal" simultaneously. Duh.

    Me, I'm bettin' Rightful Liberty reigns and then most folk will choose to be governed by objective law. But if it ain't their choice, then you're right back to jump street and there's not much point to that, is there? Ultimately that's the problem with the Mah Jong Club strategy---it's nothing new under the sun but the same ol' same ol'. Not for me necessarily, but this War is about a bit more than what any particular person wants. It's about their Liberty to earn what they want. Period, and whatever your personal wishes are, you're either for their Rightful Liberty or you're agin' it. Choose and move forward.

    1. Your premise that USC 1791 implemented with Original Intent is not a state of Rightful Liberty is wrong.

    2. That's not a premise of mine, so it doesn't matter if it's right or wrong. While I do believe the USC was "snookered in," I've also told you repeatedly that it's irrelevant to my position.

      All that matters is now, and what will be. What was, has nothing to do with anything except that we may learn from it. Generally, doing the same thing over and expecting different results, is not a great way to proceed.

      But that's not the basis for my position either. Logic and experience is.


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