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Friday, May 1, 2015

All you .Gov Thugs! Ha! Under the Bus You will Go! The Police State will eat you, too!

City State’s Attorney Says Freddie Gray’s Arrest Illegal, Charges Officers.  Link is here.

I hope my audience is connecting the dots that matter.

It isn't about riots.  It isn't about switchblades or drugs or anything that has been reported on any news outlet thus far.

It is about expansion of the Federal Police State.

Bad LEO in Baltimore killed a man and started riots.  Bad LEO immediately indicted.

Coming Press Release from DoJ in DC: The Baltimore Police Department has a history of abuse and racism, and therefore will have Federal oversight implemented...

Just replace "Baltimore" with "Ferguson" and you can see the repeating history.  Remember the 6 'Pilot" cities that are in the new DoJ policing program?  

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” - Obama

Remember this from the FedGov Oversight Overlords now running NYPD: NYPD recruits are about to get a crash course in the ABCs of policing.

The federal monitor overseeing reforms to the NYPD wants the current class of Police Academy recruits to be taught groundbreaking new concepts like: Don’t be racist, don’t mock others, don’t tell sexist jokes and don’t hassle people for no reason.

This is how one builds a nation filled with guns and badges who are primarily and ultimately loyal to FedGov.

It's called 'Fundamental Transformation."

It is called a Police State.

Either we kill this baby before it grows up, or our posterity will live under its heel.

Standing Army.

**Side note** Do not dismiss out of hand the timing as it relates to May Day.

CPX Jackson!



  1. I was not expecting that outcome. Very strange.

    Now the question will be, what will the rioters do in light of these charges being brought.

  2. I believe this is a test-case - to see just how much control the professional agitators have over the tone and actions of the crowd. IOW, another dress-rehearsal, as was Ferguson.

    I'm not saying that each of those situations has no "live" value - because they certainly do; I'm just saying that they are test-cases to determine the confidence of control which TPTB have over the crowds, through their paid agitators/assets.

    They are also measuring timing and scope of response. Timing being a very important factor in creating a sufficiently large swell of 'shit in the streets' to accomplish their central objective - justifying the suspension of civil rights and putting a *PERMANENT* force of Riot Police on the streets of America.

    They know that when the unleash the full play, they will only get one shot, so they are calibrating their plans and timing, accordingly.

  3. "Either we kill this baby before it grows up, or our posterity will live under its heel."
    Although I am thoroughly pro-life, this no baby-daddy baby needs to be "extirpated" ere it becomes self-aware.

  4. Malik Shabazz is in Baltimore.



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