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Saturday, May 2, 2015

FB Beta Testing 'Kill Switch' targeting Liberty Sites

Stackz O Magz noticed the other day that some of my content and his own were glitching at FB.  We didn't know why, until now.  FB is going hard and heavy to censor political content it doesn't like.

Before you dismiss this as just another bit of political correctness, put it into context.  Most of us agree there has been an increase in the tempo of OpFor's game.  FB is not a 'little player' by any definition, and Zuckerberg is highly political.  While he isn't worried about the money, he would not run the risk of alienating a significant portion of his FB base unless he anticipated a long-term gain.

And here's the big reason you should not dismiss it: The two reasons listed above, and the fact that most rising Tyrants designate a group within their own society as an 'Enemy of the People', then begin ostracizing them, condemning them, laying the ground before putting them in camps and ovens.

We are all Jews and Indians and Kulaks this time, and every indication is that our Tyrants are making their move, right now.

Use this information as you will.



  1. So far they have never touched me. And I've posted some really controversial shit.

  2. I have notices that sometimes clicking on my FB links to my blog posts brings up a warning screen: 'unsafe content.' There is an option to continue to the blog, but it is discouraged.

  3. lol. "I'm tougher than you" is hardly controversial shit, no matter the images you can dream up. Fb figures they'll rule the world just like google. "Too big to fail" they call it, forgetting there's such a thing as "No."


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