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Saturday, May 2, 2015

In every case, Natural and Constitutional Rights violated by Men working for the State...

If you arrest people who have not broken either Constitutional or Natural Laws, you are enforcing tyranny.  If you transport these people to jail, you are supporting tyranny.  If you prosecute these people, you are supporting tyranny.  If you accept a paycheck for keeping these people in prison, for being their parole or probation officer, sentence them to prison, or process the paperwork that facilitates the execution of these cases, you are supporting tyranny.  If you draft or vote to enact legislation that violates Constitutional and Natural Laws, you are a tyrant.  If you work for politicians who draft or vote to enact such infringements of Constitutional and Natural Laws, you are an Enemy of Liberty.

If you vote for people who execute such infringements, you are guilty of crimes against Humanity.

If you validate any of your actions based on Judicial Review and unconstitutional 'laws' that offend Natural Rights, you are wrong.

Supporting tyranny is a violation of Constitutional and Natural Law.  It makes you an Enemy of Liberty.

If you do any of the above acts, I encourage you to stop.  ASAP.

There is going to be a fight.  If any of the above applies to you, you are on the wrong side of that fight, and there will be a reckoning here on Earth, and once again with your Creator.

You have been warned.

Traffic stop leads to firearms arrest - here.

Police find Ammunition, Cash, Drugs while serving Warrant - here.

7,800 rounds of ammunition found in bag of dog food - here.

Man who stored gun and ammunition in his child's wardrobe given suspended sentence - here.

Troopers find 16 guns and ammunition in routine traffic stop - here.

Ammunition, pot confiscated in separate incidents at border - here.

Police, Feds Seize Assault Rifle, 10 Rounds of Ammunition - here.

New Savannah-Chatham drug squad makes 13 arrests, finds grenade launcher ammunition - here.

Marin City drug suspect arrested with loaded gun, ammunition - here.

7 arrested in drug, gun raid in Beloit - here.


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  1. They have, indeed been warned. And let me say this - every family is rightfully required to regulate its own. But if they shall not, then they shall be cut off, and have no legacy with us. These are not "reasonable differences" - what your family member undertake is Treason. And if you shall not regulate the treasonous impulses of your family members, then you are forcing us to take up that responsibility. Where then shall we draw the line? And when the net is cast, how small is the fish which shall pass throught it unharmed? If you would see to your own safety with assurance, then you shall regulate your own kin with familial love and firmness, rather then abandon them - and yourselves - to the cold determination of strangers.



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