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Monday, May 25, 2015

Fight to your Weapon: Train the Trainer Course

This course is being offered to Patriots, Militia/Tribe Training Officers, and my fellow professional Martial Artists, regardless of discipline/style.  If you are accepted into the course and pass the training, you will earn Certified Instructor status for the Fight to your Weapon (FTYW) program from III Combatives, and you may offer it privately or commercially (so you receive a fee for training others).  You may market the program to the general public, dojos, private groups or individuals, Militia, et cetera.  You may NOT train LEO at an organizational level.  If you know a "Good LEO" - do as you think is best.  

The training program consists of the full FTYW program, with additional techniques enabling you (the Instructor) to counter every technique in the curriculum.  You will drill the curriculum until you have reached proficiency.  We will work on 'teaching techniques' throughout your program, to help ensure you master the ability to convey the program to your students.  All Instructors will receive free access to our online technique library, and written course material so you can properly host training classes, as well as marketing assistance if you choose to offer the FTYW class in your AO for a fee.  Instructors may return to our home facility annually for free course refreshers.

The FTYW Instructor Program requires three (3) full training days.  If you choose to attend our Redoubt training facility, your coursework will include rotations with our general classes and students.  This will help improve your ability to build muscle-memory at a faster pace, and expose you to unexpected variables in training.  

If you choose to take the FTYW Instructor Program in your AO, it is your responsibility to secure at least one training partner of comparable physical condition to yourself for each day of the program.  (You can invite a different training partner for each day if you choose.)

Physical Requirements: Obviously, if you are in good physical condition, you will have an easier time.  But waiting until you meet your 'in-shape' goals is not required for this program.  If you have taken the FTYW course, you know it is designed with techniques that require minimal effort to execute.  Once you achieve your Instructor certification, you will have ample opportunities to exercise organically as you help train others in your AO.

Cost:  The below costs are ONLY for those who book and pre-pay within the next 30 days.  You may schedule your class for up to 12 months out - but you need to secure that date within 30 days.  After 30 days the prices for this program will adjust to market value - which is significantly higher.  (Expect program costs to at least double after 30 days.)  I am offering these early prices for those of you who have been loyal allies, who visit here.  Once I begin advertising to my nationwide martial artist & corporate contacts, prices go up.

III Society members in good standing may take 10% off their course fees.  No refunds - period.  If you are not serious, do not book a class.  If your booked class dates become inconvenient for you, moving the dates is acceptable.  We'll work with you.  However, if you have booked us to travel to your AO, moving training dates without penalties may not be possible.  If we are booked to fly into your AO and the airlines hit us with additional charges to move our flight dates, we'll pass those costs to you.

If you come to our facility the program is $2,750 (includes one spouse or buddy who wishes to train for certification).  We cover your lodging, you cover meals and transportation.  If you are flying, Spokane (GEG) is the nearest serious airport.  You will have full access to our local Tribe facilities while you are here, including the mountain.

If you book us to come to your AO the program is $4,750 (includes one spouse or buddy who wishes to train for certification).  Each additional Instructor candidate you wish to include in your class is $2,250.  You will be responsible for providing a suitable training location.  The average suburban back yard works for me - and I train in any weather, on any surface.  So, if all you have available is a snow-covered asphalt parking lot - let's roll!

Do I promise you will earn your certification?  No.  If you fail to master the physical techniques, you may re-take the program at the Idaho facility free.  If you fail to become proficient in the ability to convey the techniques as a teacher, you can re-take the course at our facility, free.  

However - if you are a WN, LEO, idiot or other unacceptable societal nightmare, don't bother booking the course.  Here's a guiding principle: If you believe in and apply the principle of Rightful Liberty, you won't have any personality-based barriers to graduating with our endorsement.

If you have any questions or want to confirm your preferred class dates are available, email me at k_at_kerodin.com.

Here's the FTYW site.  I'll leave the site available for an extra few days, since I didn't get this post out on schedule.  The password for viewing the techniques: Citadel (case sensitive)

In Liberty,


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