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Monday, May 25, 2015

If you can't distinguish your Enemy from their Useful Idiots...

In March 1965 the First Conference of Muslims of Asia and Africa was held in Bandoeng. Thirty-five countries were represented. The Mufti of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, Babakhanov, led the Soviet delegation. The conference discussed the use of Muslim proselytizing societies as weapons against imperialism. The need to harness Islam to the service of the revolution has been openly discussed by communist strategists. Based on Soviet experience in Central Asia, the problem of achieving this is considered difficult but soluble. - New Lies for Old, Anatoliy Golitsyn

Either you understand the true enemy, or you do not.

Cut through the lies, misdirections, profit motives.

The problem is Red.  Understand why the word 'Pinko' came into existence 90 years ago.

And you'd better understand that today the Pinkos are much closer to blood red.  On this Memorial Day, how many of you have fought, have family who fought, or lost someone who fought the Reds, either directly or through their proxies?

No Quarter.

Golitsyn.  Angleton.

And while you consider the above, also factor this into the matrix from Brock's shop - why does US 'Leadership' insist on poking the Bear (and Dragon) with bayonet tips?



  1. My father fought the proxies in Korea. We pushed back from Strategic Air Force Command. Dominoes fell. Hard to watch.

  2. The last mile is always the hardest, fraught with the greatest risk.
    But for those who hesitate, victory will forever remain out of reach.
    Timing is everything. Just ask Custer...


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