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Monday, May 4, 2015

LEO shot in the face

Blackwell [the shooter], a 35-year-old self-described “hell-raiser” ...has a lengthy rap sheet — and a prior history of attacking cops.

Moore [LEO] was driving an unmarked police car around 6 p.m. Saturday when he and partner Erik Jansen, 30, pulled up behind Blackwell, whom they had spotted “adjusting an object in his waistband,” Bratton said earlier.

The doomed cop identified himself as a police office and asked, according to a source, “Do you have something in your waistband?”

Blackwell responded: “Yeah, I got something.”

Then he whipped out a gun fired two or three shots into the officers’ car at the corner of 212th St. and 104th Road, police said.

Moore was hit in the cheek but Jansen escaped injury.

Blackwell, who has nine prior arrests, including two for assaulting cops, was nabbed 90 minutes later.

“This was nothing more and nothing less than a cold-blooded attempt at an assassination of New York’s finest,” Assistant District Attorney Peter McCormack said...

Emphasis added - K


Premise: LEO claimed authority to confront a Citizen for adjusting his pants.

Citizen had every expectation that LEO would arrest him and put him into prison for carrying a firearm despite his Constitutionally protected Natural Right to do so without being molested.

Conclusion: Let a man adjust his pants and you might not get shot in the fucking face.

Link is here.



  1. Thugs see nothing wrong with their thuggin'.
    I'm sure these two were very proud of their proactive and well-tuned attentions paid to pedestrians; checking out everyone's waistband for abnormalities. Kinda like a doctor, you know - "keeping every one safe and healthy". NOT.

    They're a pack of

    Yeah, fuck NYPD. "With a chainsaw."

    Moore took a well-placed warning shot.
    Sucks to be him.

    The question is, will the rest of those blue scabs take the warning?
    Or will there be more incidents like this?

    I bet there's going to be a lot more such episodes...
    And I don't feel particularly bad about that, either.

    Bloomberg, DiBlasio and company have a lot of bad karma piled up, as do their apparatchiks. This is just a drop in that ocean...

    Just a drop in the ocean.

    An summer is coming. Fast.

  2. Something happened in Baltimore.
    At 15:11, a police line is established
    on a T-shaped intersection, it is two groups
    of riot police with shields facing
    a few small groups of residents opposite
    their lines.
    The police are lined up to the right and left
    of what would be the right and left flanks at
    the top of a capitalized "T".
    Fire ems is on scene and a single ambulance
    just departed scene.
    In my opinion, based on the aerial camera feed,
    it is a post-LEO shoot of a resident engaged for
    some reason.
    All that is available right now is the aerial camera
    feed, which is sharing screen time with bathhouse
    giving a speech about initiating more big government,
    statist programs to prevent future impoverished Baltimore's, Ferguson's,
    Appalachia's, Mississippi's.

  3. Do those idiots in Balti even realize that their riot shields aren't bulletproof?!? Not that they're protecting their head/face with them anyway...

    Their effin incompetence is priceless...

  4. A link to live Baltimore police and ems: broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/1212/web

    What I am hearing listening to police/ ems comms are definetively conflicting with the current media
    propaganda of "nothing to see, move along," regarding this
    latest LEO incident this afternoon.

    An additional live feed: ustream.tv/channel/no-thiefs-allowed

  5. Zerohedge has a seven minute clip, immediate post incident,
    available for viewing.
    Cable MSM networks were covering this
    live on site, but in have now dropped the coverage
    as if the incident never existed.
    Once again, someone has told their bought and
    paid whores what to do.

  6. At least someone takes their "not one more inch" oath seriously ;)

    1. There will be many more of these in the coming weeks and months...

      Prepare to defend yourselves.


  7. Breaking from ustream.tv/channel/no-thiefs-allowed:
    The individual who witnesses claimed was shot Baltimore Pd, and which
    unanswered and conflicting reports still abound, is now confirmed
    to be Robert Meech Tucker, Cousin of Freddy Gray.
    The identity has been confirmed and will likely be reported widespread
    very soon.
    At the moment, information about his condition is being
    withheld from his immediate family members.

  8. OK, so I've been engaged in a lot of discussion about this situation, and it seems a lot of people don't have a damn clue what "Due Process" is all about.

    Due Process is a rigid system of restraint, placed upon the police and the courts, to ensure that Rightful Liberty of the populace at large is infringed as little as possible by said entities while in the performance of their lawful duties. I posted a rather long diatribe earlier in a very different place, which I'll repost here -

    "Due Process of Law" actually begins at the very moment when the cop considers stopping a person on the street for "suspicion" of committing a crime.

    When the suspicion is not of a crime, but of a Constitutionally protected right, then the police officer MUST NOT impinge upon the liberty of that individual. That is the beginning of "due process". But this cop failed to observe said Due Process;

    He challenged a man unknown to him, for suspicion of partaking in a lawful and constitutionally protected activity (bearing arms).

    For review, let's recall that a man can ONLY be disbarred the right to keep and bear arms in two ways -
    1. through conviction by a Jury of his peers, upon a felony charge presented and won without flaw;
    and then only when so ordered by the Jury which hears the case.; or through a plea-bargain when a party pleads Guilty to a Felony, and the State's Attorney attaches a Disbarment to the plea deal;
    2. by a Lawful adjudication of mental incompetence, subject to appellate review

    Do you see the point here - it's supposed to be nearly impossible to disbar a man from keeping and bearing arms under US law -


    Or, only if a man is adjudicated mentally incompetent BY A COURT WHICH IS SUBJECT TO APPELATE REVIEW

    Stop and consider, how very high either of those standards are, to revoke a mans right to keep and bear arms. This, in and of itself, speaks volumes about what Due Process should look like, as compared to the bullshit kangaroo court actions we see today.

    Since the pedestrian was unknown to the cop, the cop had no basis upon which to assume that either #1 or #2 was in fact the case, and therefore ought to have restrained himself from interfering with the man in the first place.

    Go ahead and squawk all you want about NYC gun laws, but the United States Supreme Court itself has stated -

    Norton v. Shelby County
    118 U.S. 425 (1886)
    An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation as inoperative as though it had never been passed.

    Therefore, in light of the Second Amendment (USC) and the NY Constitution, Article XII - Section 1, the NYC and NY-State anti-gun acts are patently unconstitutional and therefore NOT LAWS at all -
    As such, those anti-gun acts impose no duty upon the man walking down the street, and afford no protection for the officer(s) who imposed upon said man to engage in an abuse of his Constitutional rights.

    The cop was WRONG to challenge Man on the Street about possibly having a gun.

    Man on the Street over-reacted by shooting the officer, but he knew that he was going to be hauled off to jail if he didn't resist the over-reaching police officers.

    There is no "good guy" to cheer for, here. Just like the Baltimore and Ferguson cases.

    There are thugs all over the place, looking to shake you down.
    Many of them wear badges and blue shirts, and get rewarded for abusing your rights...

    When you show the anti-gun tards the absolute contradictions at law which they face in trying to limit your right to bear arms, they will resort to ad hominem and outright slander, because that's all they really have. I ignore such foolish outbursts; they are as impotent and irrelevant as the unconstitutional acts which they attempt to represent as valid law.

  9. I recall a movie line.

    "As the ancient Tibetan philosopher said, 'don't start none, won't be none.'"
    -Jensen, "The Losers".

    Applicable in so many circumstances.


  10. Pigs will be pigs -

    (breakingnews.com) Undercover New York police detective accused of taking part in motorcycle gang's assault of driver on West Side Highway planned mayhem, colleague testifies - @nytimes


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