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Monday, May 4, 2015

Sparks31: TERMN-8R T&E in Signal-3

Sparks31 has written a review of the new AnyTone TERMN-8R radios - here.

I encourage everyone to subscribe to his Signal-3 magazine.  Build a library for that day when the Internet is no longer your ally.

I am disappointed that the FHSS feature is not exactly as AnyTone hyped.  But overall I am pleased that Sparks31 found the radios offer utility for your Militia, CUTT and general Liberty purposes.  In his testing he managed to achieve 90 miles in CW with the TERMN-8rs. [I misread Sparks - the 90 miles CW was done in an exercise on 2 meters, not the TERMN8-rs - K]

I hammer the need to learn the fundamental Shoot, Move & Communicate skills here, so you can be effective in your AO, whatever Evil may come your way.  It is also important to become well-versed in the fundamentals so you can work as part of a team that gets tossed together in a rush, with people who have not trained together before.  Work on your comms skills.  If you need some professional guidance to ensure you start down the comms path in the right direction, be sure to get to one of Sparks31's Grid Down Comms classes.

We appreciate Sparks31 taking the time to apply his expertise to this review.


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