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Monday, May 4, 2015

Texas Shooter was a Convert. But FedGov sending thousands more to Idaho & South Carolina

So, converts inside our wire are now shooting.

And FedGov is bringing thousands more from places like Syria, settling them in southern Idaho and South Carolina.


Pam Geller was hosting the Muhammad event in Texas.  It is her outfit that won the court battle with NYC last week to put anti-Muslim ads on NYC buses.  The next day, NYC changed their policy and refused her ads - and all political ads.

This woman is front and center, and she is throwing bombs.  Shooters dropping in at her event is sufficient proof that she has made the CAIR radar.  Mo's Morons will come for her again.



  1. Fine.
    When trigger men loyal to the pedophile
    "prophet" finally succeed inside our Republic,
    we start taking them on sight.
    See how simple that is.
    It does not require endless and pointless do
    nothing (knee jerk moralist) debate.
    Endless and empty mental masturbation about
    Sumter and the "moral high ground" is not required.
    It does not require tons of logistics,
    support and supplies.
    Quick and easy.
    Short and sweet.
    Tit for Tat.
    Quid for pro for quo.

  2. I live in the upstate south carolina county which is getting the 65 refugees from syria. The man in charge of bringing them in couldn't even say how many were christians. So much for vetting. I've upped my daily carry load. Keep your heads on swivels fellas.

  3. Once the settlement is up and running I'll try to gather intel and pass it along

  4. I have said it before, and I will say it again - islam is not a religion, it is a totalitarian political system. It is worse than communism, exactly because it claims authority and affirmation from God.

    This is not a "legitimate difference of opinion".

    It goes way beyond any reasonable expectation of tolerance.

    There is only one answer -

    Kill every last muslim.
    Burn every last copy o their evil book.
    No exceptions.
    No excuses.





  5. FED.GOV sending thousands of muslims to two places which are overwhelmingly Christian, conservative, and inclined to small government.

    Who could have guessed?

    There couldn't possibly be a purpose behind their choice of locations, right?

    Wake up, folks. They are seeding communities of the Enemy everywhere they want to later exert control through the use of force. The are preparing these locations to be battlefields, plain and simple.

    Are you prepared to respond to what will come of these machinations?

    Because the time to give answer is not far off.

    Soon shall come the call, "To Arms!"
    And when it does, your mission is simple.

    Kill every last muslim.
    Burn every last copy of their evil book.
    Destroy ever member of every house which participated in this corruption.
    And reduce every office which executed this unlawful decree to ash.
    No excuses.
    No exceptions.

    Let it begin now.

  6. it likely doesn't need to be said but here goes just the same: the muslim imports are but the body of the snake which is in dire need of decapitation... those doing the inviting, importing, and planned distribution constitute the head... had these same individuals immigrated here in pursuit of what used to be the "American Dream" as did many of our own ancestors, there would be no need for selection made from certain countries of certain ethnic and religious background...

    sadly, such is not the case...

  7. Just learned from Trey Gowdy's office that the UN is taking over the refugee situation. The percentage of muslims coming to our county is now going to be 92%. So the christians are being slaughtered over there but they send us muslims. They played their hand, plan accordingly.

    1. I am a soldier...and I shall act accordingly.


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