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Monday, May 4, 2015

Muslim Terrorism in Texas?

At a 'Draw Muhammad' event two attackers were killed by LEO.  One private security guard was shot5 by the Bad Guys in the leg - he's expected to recover fully.

There are many unconfirmed reports across the internet about explosives, grenades, et cetera.

It will be interesting to see if the two "Terrorists" are here legally, or if they showed up from our southern border.

There is a simple lesson here: If you are going to offend certain people, some of them may be willing to die for the chance to kill you.  I'm not advovating that Americans stop kicking Mo's Morons in the teeth.  I am telling you that if you choose to do it, be ready to defend yourself.

And this works both ways.  Bad LEO and politicians and voters are soon going to be confronted with the same reminder that their actions carry deathly-serious consequences.



  1. Guaranteed they don't have green cards...

    But that will never be mentioned by the MSM.
    Such is the quality of "reporting" these days. The political officer in the news room will see to it that only the "pertinent details" are covered.

  2. As evidenced by the fact the two were brought down thereby failed to carry out their intent is evidence of being 'ready to defend....'.

    As BZ says about this shooting, the 1A is not to protect only milquetoast speech. Also, certain does Gert Wilder and others have more than a few thigs to say about just being alive is offensive to the 'Mo morons'.

    In my attempt to understand your position I conclude you are either wanting to sound a warning or making like the apologist. The warning is already sounded repeatedly and loudly. What shall I make of your words other than you sound very dhimmi. In this war no quarter shall be given.

  3. Hey Kerodin'


    What I fear is not 'Mohummed's Zombie followers' but them influencing laws limiting free speech and criticism of their (and others) religion.

    As Natural Law is concerned 'free speech' is just that. Free Speech. If you can think it. You should be able to 'speak it, without fear of retribution.

    1. "you should be able to speak it...without fear of retribution from the government."

      Nowhere in the Natural Law is there any obligation for individuals to tolerate that which breaches the bounds of their safety, including speech which directly incites violence."

      So yeah, you *are* liable for the consequences of what you say. This goes for Anarchists, Muslims, Communists, and every other brand of freak out there. You ARE accountable for your words; therefore tread lightly on the tolerance of others, lest you be to be found over that line, wherein retribution becomes the natural and correct response...


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