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Friday, May 1, 2015

OK - which one of you S.O.B.'s is responsible?

The two funniest (and wicked) guys I know are Wirecutter and Zoomie - so, fess up!  Who gave this Red *&^%#$% my PO Box?

And whoever did it is just plain cruel.  You'll notice in the first line of the letter she claims we've been friends for years!  F me!  This could start rumors about a 'Benedict Arnold' period.  That could get me shanked at PatCon!

I did not have friendly relations with that woman!




  1. Damn, that is funny right there. :-)

  2. This is priceless.

    For everthing else, there's mastertard.

  3. That's funny right there I don't care who you are.

  4. I hope you handled that with disposable tweezers! And checked for anthrax and Commie Cooties!

  5. I thinketh thou protesteth too much.... lol

  6. if you didn't have "friendly relations" were those relations perhaps "unfriendly" in nature albeit mutually fulfilling..??? there are a minority of women who prefer to have the..... uuummm.... nasty... beat out of them or, as in her case, have the nasty beat INTO them...

    jus'sayin' is all... jus'sayin'

  7. Wasn't me, but it's amusing, the person who sent it should wish you never find out, paybacks can be a bitch. ;)


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