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Friday, May 1, 2015


The Fairbairn-Sykes Combat Dagger (F-S) is a serious tool.  I have trained with many blades, and I consider the F-S to be a niche blade - with the added benefit of serving you well as a general fighter when needed.

The niche: This knife is ideal for the Patriot who is operating in what .Mil would usually define as a SOF role.  If you know that you will often be acting in an SOF capacity in your CUTT or Militia Team, or even by your lonesome, consider the F-S.  This blade is ideal for quiet, close wetwork - it is a sticker, not a slasher.  

Despite a blade length of a hair under 7 inches, the knife is light and sleek.  It feels much smaller as you work with it, making it an ideal selection you can keep on you for special circumstances when that big Bowie just isn't the right tool.

We rec'd a batch from Sheffield, England.  These meet Ministry of Defense specifications (MilSpec in Americanese) and I can recommend them to you without reservation.  The knife is well made, sharp and chemically treated for a black finish.  The sheath is the weak spot - it isn't a sheath I would take with me into Harm's Way.  But that is an easy fix.

III Gear will be offering these to III Society members after a few modifications.  

If you want one sooner, you can get them from Amazon, here.  (If you go price shopping, just make sure you buy the genuine article - not some Chinese knock-off.)



  1. I carried one for many years... it was stolen out of my car while the dealership had it for service a few years ago. I can attest to the simple perfection of these blades at close quarters. If you ever have to make shishkebob out of a mouth-breather while body-to-body... this is the right tool.

    K - Please put one in my box, once you mod them up.


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