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Friday, May 1, 2015

Tyranny Tempo

WRSA featured a piece from Bracken the other day, regarding operational tempo.

You and I live inside an echo chamber - we breathe this stuff.  We notice every little detail and nuance.  Because of this, our perceptions have the potential for being skewed if we aren't careful.

So, the question: Do you feel a quickening of the operational tempo of Team Tyranny?  Do you think the Tyrants are coming at us faster and harder in the last month than they were 3 or 6 months ago?  Have they pressed the 'Go' button that has finally started their war game?

Question 2: I have maintained for many years, especially after election day 2012, that Team Tyranny would go hard sometime prior to November 2016 elections - hard enough to force us off the porch or to remain on bent knee forever.  Do you think that timeline remains likely?



  1. A 'for what ever its worth' statement from me is that the pace has picked up since 2008 with the individual pieces being put in place by Team Fed. Some days (I use the term loosely) it seems eminent that an event will happen to set off a take over and other days all is calm but make no mistake, once the 'go' button is pushed (my guess by the Obama administration) things will go quickly with little time to respond. I for one, have believed what Obama has stated specific to, '...fundamentally transform America', '...we need a domestic force as strong as the military' and such ....time is running out for the current administration to act and as 2016 approaches I suspect that events (of whatever nature) will be ramped up to levels we have not seen to date. Just my .02 worth.

  2. I give us until September! Putting the pieces together from economists, theologians, my .mil brothers etc, I think it is a safe bet. My gut tells me that too. They have been picking up the pace. Everyday more and more comes to light and none if it is good. 2016 is a pipe dream. If there is anything left, there won't be an election. I hope I'm wrong but I feel deep down that this is the year we have to get off the porch. I would like one of those daggers before that happens though!

  3. I have said since about forever that it will be a winter op... cold, wind, rain/snow etc.... less than ideal conditions favor the enemy. Grandpa will only lead you to the thought, you must drink from the well of understanding, your self. Knuckle up, arm yourself. Get your Christmas shopping done early - ammo and etc. But don't worry overly much, Christmas ain't gonna be much of a holiday this year. ..

    1. I think you got the timeline right. Hunger is about to be (somewhat) more commonplace soon--like weeks IMO--and by the time winter comes around, there's no telling what this world may look like.

      I'm not persuaded that "less than ideal conditions favor the enemy." It takes brains to deal with those sorts of conditions, and that's the biggest short suit of Tyrants.

  4. Well, glad I am not the only one who noticed. Every-single-day, there is some bizarre statement, policy, or enforcement that we used to hear about from some Communist third world country. Whatever anyone thinks of him, Glenn Beck wasn't far from the mark with his statement; "Bottom up, inside out, top down". I'm terrified for my country, worried for her Patriots, and concerned about safety for my friends and family. These are NOT the good old days. -
    stealth spaniel

  5. In my mind, there are two components to be considered here -
    1. Their tempo has picked up, and continues to increase
    2. Because they continue to allow the veil to slip more and more, we are seing more evidence of their activities.

    Never ignore the implications of #2 - that there are still many things that we are not aware of, including all the preparations which they are making in secret.

    Quote - "There are only two ways to know for sure the size of a buck. Either kill it, or watch it's rump go over the fence."

    Well, we certainly haven't killed this one, and it surely has no intentions of fleeing over the fence onto someone elses property... so it's total size remains unknown.


    1. "1. Their tempo has picked up, and continues to increase."

      I know it sounds crazy, but I'm not so sure. Yeah, they make laws and spend more loot and talk more shit...that's what they do, after all. But consider predicting today from a couple years ago, and I'm pretty sure we'd have imagined much worse by now.

      All successful cons include that "final kill," where the chump simply has no opportunity to recover. That's missing here. My guess is they haven't pulled that off because they can't pull it off.

      Well it's my hope anyway, but hope is not a great tactical plan. Hope plus a few weapons, seems like a nice balance.


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