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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rightful Liberty Platform: Jack the Rs or start a new party - Defend your position

In early numbers it is split relatively evenly with people suggesting a new party from scratch and others who recommend hostile take-overs within the GOP.

So, I'd like you to defend your position.

A few ground rules: Your position must be more realistic than idealistic.  If you think a Rightful Liberty Platform can support a new party and begin getting on state ballots - fair enough.  By the same token, factor-in the realities of the American electoral system.  The odds of a new 3rd-party ever winning on the national stage are nearly nil - unless you murder one of the existing parties.  The American system is set up for 2 parties.  Winning local elections and even some state legislative seats is within the realm of possible for a new party with the right message and support.  Getting people to Congress - not so much.

Is it enough to win state elections with a 3rd party, and begin nullification?  That's a strategy...

The Tea Party failed to take-over the Rs - that is a fact.  Another fact: Most Establishment Rs pee'd themselves and the RNC had to spend a LOT of money to rein-in the Tea Party before they were able to kill it.

Show your work, please.



  1. Follow the money in politics. I worked for some folks during the pre-Regan adm. A real eye opener. Money dictates who has access: period. A 'new party' if it could get off the ground might not be controlled by the big money people/organizations if it had a message that the majority of voters (whoever they may be) could relate to ...
    Part of the problem is that no one wants to say the truth for fear of being vilified by (fill in the blank). Just my .02 worth.

    1. Worker: Are you saying that if the message is right, then in the 'capitalism" of ideas, the money will roll in and make the new party competitive with the establishment?

    2. Maybe. The 'message' must resonate with enough individuals who themselves are willing to step up and make a difference. I'm thinking of Germany and Russia during their revolutionary days (abet the message/political systems were different) but in those cases a very small organization with few individuals came to power. We seem to be a country today controlled by big (and I mean really big) money, controlled (legitimized by the free shit army/unions via the vote) and otherwise the victim of a powerful message machine (MSM). Somehow that all needs to change or in someway (with strong organization and a philosophy) challenge the existing 'system'.

  2. I don't believe we will EVER be able to "vote" our way into, or out of ANYTHING ...IN THE CURRENT PARADIGM. I believe the US will become 2 ... maybe 3 or more SEPARATE entities. (I stand ready to further define each of those statements.) We have been SOLD OUT ...by the very people we have ELECTED. NOTHING will change ....until the shooting stops.

  3. I posted the previous comment as Anon, but only cuz I couldn't get it to accept DaddyClaxton, which I use whenever I post ANYWHERE. I'm not hiding .... just don't know my URL from a ... heh

  4. K, the answer is going to be unique to each voting district.
    In some cases, the (R) party could easily be commandeered. In that case, all the investments made in credibility and recognition by team (R) would accrue to our benefit.

    In other cases, where the (R) party has sullied themselves too badly, we wouldn't want to take the hit associated with their branding, and thus a new party is unquestionably the way to go.

    How many voting districts are there across the US? The only way to know which answer is correct in each one is to be there, on the ground, with full knowledge of each party's history and standing in that district. The surest knowing comes by living.

    In other words,
    Local, Local, Local.
    ALL politics is local. Period.

    Either way, it's less about the party, and more about the man who offers himself up to fill the position - He's got to be boldly honest enough to tell the ugly truth; articulate enough to tell it in a way that isn't completely off-putting to those just waking up; and he's gotta have answers that people will believe can work. Anyone who can't deliver that hat trick isn't the right candidate.

    If we had such a team in just 5% of US voting districts, then we could create the 'sea change' we need. But there lies the rub - we're asking thousands of men, to set aside their lives and better interests to take up FULL TIME politics. Each will be laying themselves down on a cross, subjecting themselves to everything team Red can hurl at them, and every day they will have to be out, face to face with the people of that district, working on hearts and minds.

    Behind that man, there will need to be at least 20 people, willing and able to utterly abnegate along with their candidate, and take on whatever support work is required. I'm talking about the heavy lifting of a committed 'Hearts and Minds' campaign - actual labor, given to people in the community, for the purpose of improving their condition in life - FULL TIME, every day, for a year or more.

    That's what it would take to win an election in a true 'grass roots' fashion. And every last bit of that work must continue after the candidate is elected, or it will be seen as hollow, nothing more than a political play. We're talking about changing communities from the inside out by *making* alternatives, not just talking about them.

    To be blunt, I don't think we'll see such an effort in more than a few dozen AOs. I don't believe there are enough men with the intestinal fortitude... at this point.

    I believe that we will see many men come forward, once circumstances force men to choose. But the circumstances are coming.

    That is, After the Green, there will be plenty of volunteers to fill those support positions. Men whose commitment is plainly written in the suffering and injustice inflicted on them by team Red.

    After the Green, there will be many self-identified candidates, who have been tested under fire, who have already earned the trust and respect of said volunteers.

    After the Green.

    But right now there is too much comfortable middle ground. There are too many ways for men to muddle through, hoping that they will not be touched by the horror of what comes.

    After the Green, the fuzzy lines will be made clear. The easy paths will all be burned out, and the fair-weather patriots will have dismissed themselves.

    In short - once the hand of Providence proves us, we will be a much stronger lot. For now, we are as the feet of clay and iron; the weak mixed with the strong; and the willing held back by those who perpetually hesitate.


    1. Well said LT. Well said.

    2. After the Green, we will all know where each man stands, in the most literal sense, and starting with ourselves. Right now, there are too many so-called patriots who measure themselves by the positions of their peers. Such relativism is dangerous; we have an obligation, even a duty, to examine ourselves - what we desire for an end-state, and what and how we are willing to achieve it.

      For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul? --Matthew 16:26

      Therefore, let each of us bear ourselves up under such examination, and maintain a good conscience in all things. For there are greater consequences in everything that we shall say; and even so with the words which we withhold; and greater still in that which we do, and perhaps greatest yet in the things which we refuse to do.

      For all things will be reckoned by Him who judges; and the hand of Providence is that same hand of our Lord. Therefore, stay not the Hand of Providence by straying from the narrow path, and putting off His grace in favor of lesser things -

      Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and His justice, and all these things shall be added unto you.
      Be not therefore solicitous for to morrow; for the morrow will be solicitous for itself. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.
      --Matthew 6:33~34

      There is no greater wisdom than this - add not to the evil of the day, but bear His standard always, as a sure sign of victory.


  5. Why not try to "jack" the Libertarian party from within and without? I'm guessing that is a very good reason why you didn't even list this as a possibility. I probably don't know enough about the political landscape to speak very well on this subject, though.
    I do, however, this that trying to change DC is a total waste of time, money, and emotional effort. Some states, though (I'm thinking some of the so-called Redoubt states, and perhaps Texas, and a good portion of the Old South) might get enough of a pull with a "USC/BoR 1791" Party to begin to invoke some change based on the 10th Admen. We all know how well that worked in 1860, but then again, I'm not sure how badly the leftists want us in "their country" anymore.
    To sum up, my $0.02 is:
    Start a new party, based on the 1791 Version of the USC/BoR+1 (with an 11th admen it outlaw any possible connections to slavery or the Jim Crowe era: emphasize Jefferson's Rightful Liberty for everyone) but be very intentional on working within states.
    The Chemist

    1. "Jacking" the libertarian party would take at least as much effort as the same assault on a "majority party", and would still only gain us an irrelevant minority holding. In reality it would take more, because there are many fiercely idividualistic folks whose beliefs are inconsistent with our platform.

      In short, there's not enough end-state value to make it worth the effort. Sorry...

  6. I believe that you can still be a decent, good person and be elected locally. I believe that to get into the upper echelons, one must be willing to bend or "change" their moral standing depending on the issue to survive. I just don't think the environment in Washington DC supports good and honest people. I think you would need to convince local Republicans to rebrand themselves as a different party, which seems like a monumental, likely impossible, task. There just aren't enough people truly awake yet.


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