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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Slippery Slope: Nashville DA's domestic violence team seizes first gun

You understand the difference between "Domestic Violence" and punching a guy in the bar, right? (His bar or the local bar - dealers choice)

There will be no difference now that precedent has been firmly established across the "Judicial System" that "Domestic Violence" warrants the revocation of your 2A.

Soon enough they will drop the "Domestic" requisite.

Then they will lower the "Violence" standard to include hurtful words and "stare rape".

Your kids public school record is already recording all of little Jimmy's fist fights on the playground, his liberal noogie policy, and that time he made little Susie eat a bug, which will become relevant by the time he is ready to purchase his first firearm.

That for which we fight is black and white.

How we fight must sometimes be nuanced.

But Right and Wrong and Infringed are very simple and easily recognized concepts.

Here's the link from the Great State of Tennessee.



  1. We get the abuse we tolerate, plain and simple. The irony of this will only be seen when our tolerance has passed, and we have re-established rightful standards. But between this and that lies the confrontation, for restoration cannot be obtained without a just price. And every covenant is sealed in blood; how should this time be any different?

  2. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where this is heading.

    1. And I assure you, I am no rocket scientist. ;)

      If I can noodle it through, everyone in this audience should be several steps ahead.

  3. I was going to respond to this but some of my comments have not made it on the blog, if there is an issue you have my email I am sure

    1. This one made it through - I publish everything that comes through - no bans in place.

      I have been having 'peculiarities' on the site for several months - such as absolutely 'zero' sites hosted on WordPress are being counted in stats, some people having problems getting through the 'I am not a robot' security widget, and as in your case, comments that never make it through for moderation.

      Not sure if the interference is being escalated, or if whoever is running my case put a Newbie in charge of monitoring/dicking-with my site.

      Please copy any comments and if I don't receive the original, we can try again.

  4. Well, if we commence to killing them all now, then little Jimmys 'liberal nuggie policy' can remain as irrelevant as it ought to.

    Otherwise, little Jimmy will get the government and policing his parents deserved...


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