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Friday, May 1, 2015

The Same ‘Professional Protesters’ Have Incited Violence in Both Baltimore and Ferguson

Brock's got it, here.

Professional manipulation, folks.

Understand how well-resourced and truly Evil the Enemies of Liberty are...

I hope you are coming to understand that there is no voting our way out of this, nor is there any way to reason or negotiate with such people.  They are parasitic AND evil.  

There is only one recourse.



  1. Replies
    1. Being used as Useful Idiots by their Red Commie paymasters.

      This is why Anarchists are a legitimate target. They help Red Team, just by being stupid. Sometimes you simply have to get rid of the stupid to win the fight.

  2. Cut 'em if they stand. Shoot 'em if they run. Target transition times same same between them and the communists.

    Unfortunately, the "patriot movement" has way too many of these fuckers. Some especially galling.

    That's why the fight is so absolutely necessary. Also necessary to understand that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

    1. Alan, may I amend that to "Also necessary to understand that the enemy of your enemy is rarely, if ever your friend." Period.

      What's good is good, and what's not good is evil.
      Only fools and nair-do-wells play by any other rules.

    2. Ok, I'm good.

      Klein should be along in a minute. :-)

    3. I'm gonna guess he out enjoying Friday night libations...
      Herr Klein, Die hast ein kater?


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