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Monday, June 15, 2015

ATF to Hunt with NYPD


The choke tightens.

The window of opportunity becomes more narrow each day.


  1. The big cities first,next LA will have an "emergency" and need .gov inc. stormtroopers,then Miami,Chicago,Detroit,Atlanta,the whole Charlotte-Mecklenberg county clusterfuck,then Baltimore,Boston,Charleston,D.C. and then before long-every podunk town has .gov inc. stormtroopers in it.
    .gov inc. didn't give all those MRAPs to all those cities and towns for the hell of it,they are pre-positioned for .gov inc. cops to use.

    1. Winner, winner. Chicken dinner.

      Uncle Feedie doesn't give anything out without a reason... and its always to their benefit.

  2. All this is going to do is to push this scum out of the large cities and into your AO. These people are not stupid. They will take their show on the road to areas where the police are lazy or ill-equipped to deal with their kind. Thank God I have a four dog security team, 60 acres of deep woods on a lightly traveled dirt road and no neighbors for a half mile in any direction. I am on a ridgeline that my security team(dogs)uses to their advantage by alerting me to coming vehicles or threats. I have purposely made it difficult to enter but only a few directions with brush piles and briar bushes. They better not show up in my AO since they will stick out like a sore thumb before they even get to me.


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