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Monday, June 15, 2015

FADS – Frisk At Distance Scanners

Just one of the reasons places like NYC aren't losing their minds over the courts blocking Stop & Frisk - because the frisking is now a no-hands-needed exercise.

A few years ago at the WWII Memorial Barry-cade of work, that has since become known simply as the "Return to Sender" event, a few of us discussed the tech in play surrounding several FedGov spots.

Now it is mainstream.

Here's the link.

Don't be scared of their tech - but you'd better respect it.


  1. Don't try to fool the technology, fool the person operating it.

  2. A few years ago???? Please for the love of God and all that is Holy, it really wasn't all that long ago. Was it?

    Regardless, without doubt one of the best experiences of my life. Well, except for that moment when Peter dove into the police line and I became painfully aware that I was not armed. ;-)

    1. 2 years in October - and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since. But I still sense that nobody is going to step off the porch anytime soon. Too many people are way too comfortable.

      I'm afraid 1776 was an aberration in the History of Man.

    2. Well, to be fair, 1776 came after a whole series of events. One could consider the string of events as starting in the 1760's. Upon closer inspection, it would not be unreasonable to peg the start time as early as 1733.

      Keep in mind that the events taken collectively display an ebb and flow. For instance, the Boston Massacre actually caused both sides to step back from the brink for a period of time. Sam Adams was put on ice so to speak and the royal governor set about trying to woo Hancock into his circle. Had the British not squandered the moment, 1776 might never have occurred.. Contrast that with the tax on tea. While the tax was a mere pittance on a little used commodity it caused such an uproar that it is inextricably tied to the narrative of our Revolution. The take away is grievous events can actually retard progress while seemingly innocuous things can accelerate events out of proportion.

      The beauty of the whole thing is you just never know. :-)


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