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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Even from the Highest Altitudes, it is obvious RevWarIII is afoot

Two headlines that show the divide:

Bernie Sanders Wows Hollywood Progressives at Two L.A. Fundraisers - here.

Walker wows social conservatives with attacks on Obama, puts GOP rivals on notice - here.

We are overdue for a good war in America, based on our own historical timelines.

And while we are truly a lazy nation, unwilling to undertake such a workload without real motivation, all the Ground has been set - that which divides us has grown greater than that which unites us.

Now, all that is needed is a proper catalyst...

[ While I know some folks calling themselves 'Patriots' would like to be seen as responsible for or at least having been present at the next shot heard around the world, fortunately, those few sad souls don't carry the weight to make it happen.  Let us all be happy they are such absolute failures in Life. ]

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