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Sunday, June 21, 2015

III: The Week Ahead

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PatCon is now 30 days out.  If you are coming, get your registration submitted - here.  

If you are a vendor coming to PatCon and have not yet closed the loop with the Planning Team, get it done.  The event is too complex and important to be worrying with vendor details as we run-up to the event.

Monday: We'll move the ball forward on the BBWG.  It looks like a tour is imminent.

Tuesday: We'll unveil ********* - a project put together by several of our serious allies. This is slick and useful for Patriots all over the country.

Wednesday - beats me.  Life is simply too fluid to plan that far ahead right now.  I know I'll be training - you are welcome to come and train with us.  ;)

Stay safe, Patriots.

Backfist stupid people.


  1. I can't wait until things slow down a bit so I can come in and train. I did get a workout in the garden today, beheaded a whole division of commie weeds. I am dangerous with a sharpened hoe. ;-)

  2. MissV, the commie slayer. ;-)

  3. All weeds are commies, and all commies are weeds.

    I guess that makes these two categories synonymous...

    1. And they both should be destroyed with Extreme Prejudice.


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