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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Even WordPress


  1. Did you see how they splashed rainbow colored lights on the front of the White House? I literally had trouble sleeping last night and am still sick to my stomach. We are witnessing the end of this country. These are pivotal times. I get the feeling these are the days coming up that our grandchildren will ask us about.

  2. I believe we are or have crossed the event horizon. There is no turning back just a spiraling down to a calamitous end with no escape.

  3. This is a national disgrace...but not unexpected from the usurpers who are driving our country on the highway to hell. Some how,some way they must be stopped...

  4. Shane Bean, sorry, but the end passed quite awhile ago. It's just now starting to register with a few people.
    Beans, Bullets, Bandages. Oh, and seeds, lots of seeds. Tribe, tribe, tribe.
    It time to adapt and survive, rock 'n roll yall.


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