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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Note to Reds in America

Remember - you Red bastards asked for this - not us.

All we wanted was to be left alone, to live our lives without your meddling.

We've tolerated you long enough.  We've tolerated your icons long enough.

If you wish to leave, now is the time.

Once we begin, we will not stop until you are gone.  We intend to live our lives at Liberty. We mean that our children and grandchildren will do the same, free of your tyrannies.

Leave.  Now.

You should have left us alone...


  1. I am reminded of the from the movie "The Untouchables" when Sean Connery says "You wanna know how to get Capone? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago way! And that's how you get Capone." No targeting of innocents, but the toadies and collaborators are fair game. (Hunting pun intended)
    John cut his mustache.
    The chairs are under the table.

  2. this sentiment(of the post) is being quietly echoed in an increasing number of places...

    we have not sought this fight but it has been brought to us; we do not desire to quarrel with any but others have started it with us; we have resisted the encroachments verbally, by pen, and by minor dissidence yet we have been ignored; now, we would be herded and directed to perform as unwilling circus animals - yet we will not.

    may God grant us victory or may we leave this world with honor

    Prepping Preacher Chaplain IIIPSA

  3. Reality check (not that anyone who resides at this site needs one now): 'they' are not leaving - period. 'They' are entrenched, here to stay and empowered beyond imagine and to that end when the shit goes down (hopefully in the near future), it would be good to: 1) have names and locations of the 'they' and 2) have enough individuals with the spine to 'take care of business' when the time arrives. Just how I seen it.


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