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Friday, June 19, 2015

Global. Scrum.

Putin pointed out that there will be consequences, that Russia will have to resort to a response of the military kind and re-orientate our troops and missiles.

The Bear warns Sweden against joining NATO - here.

The Dragon setting .mil standards for all ships - here.

Nations around the world are prepping for war.  

Our own preps as well - but they prep against their own Citizens.  The American Elite believe they stand with the Elite on Team BearDragon.

Prepare as you think best...


  1. That chinese ship thing got my attention. Seems that some people in the know are making their preparations. Meanwhile, the US military is trying to figure out how to fit the transgender soldiers in....

  2. "Nations around the world are prepping for war."
    Isn't this how the elites always settle money problems? Or should we say covering their ass after gambling away everyone else's money?.....MTHead


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