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Friday, June 19, 2015

This is called 'Analysis'

Anatoliy Golitsyn defected December 15, 1961.

He warned of a generational plan to defeat America, which included the 'Collapse' of the USSR.  He warned the Bear and Dragon would become overt allies as they neared the Final Phase of their plan, something we call Team BearDragon here in the III shop.  He warned of Fifth Columns already established, Fifth Columns to be established, moles in CIA and USG, et cetera.

In March 1965 the Soviets and Chinese held a conference and discussed the ...use of Muslim proselytizing societies as weapons against imperialism...

Golitsyn also reminded us that ...The need to harness Islam to the service of the revolution has been openly discussed by communist strategists... 

50 years later in 2015 Judicial Watch quotes Clare Lopez:  [ Muslim Brotherhood has “infiltrated and suborned the U.S. government to actively assist…the mission of its grand jihad.” ]

She concludes correctly, as do many others, that Islam has infiltrated the highest levels of FedGov.

What she misses, as do most other people, is that Islam is but a weapon being wielded by the real enemy - Red.

This is why 'professional analysts' blow dead bear in the Liberty Movement.  They rarely manage to connect the easy dots - the low-hanging fruit.  The bigger picture is always beyond their ken.  There are a hundred reasons, none of which matter at this point.  

To put it gently - they know little Latin, and even less Greek.

If you can't IFF your immediate enemies as well as those people higher in the food chain guiding those immediate enemies, you are well and truly f'd.

This is a Global Scrum.

The game has been underway since long before you and I were born.

We will get to see the final score.

And - this ain't no f'n game.


  1. Local,Local,Local. The constitution forgotten. The rule of law, murdered. This simplifies our lives greatly. We should rule our lives by right or wrong.(we all know the differents) Good or evil.
    Reward good, RUTHLESSLY murder evil at every occasion! The rest will sort it's self out......MTHead

  2. Many people don't understand what is going on. Look at what is on tv, etc. Americans, for the most part, are fucking morons, uneducated dipshits. I think many patriots get frustrated, trying to wake people up. They must realize it's to late for that. I don't mean to get all religious, but it reminds me of the parable of Noah. Once the rain started the door was shut. Sorry, you had your chance but it's to late now.

  3. Replies
    1. Even you aren't *that* old. Red Scare 1919-1920, for example. ;)

  4. Their "Hundred Year Plan" commenced in 1917.
    Noodle that for just a moment...

    And as you think through it, bear in mind that culturally, there is no more patient nation of people than the Chinese. And the Russians hold second place in that regard.

    America isn't even in third place when it comes to patience. Ours is a young nation when compared to the rest of the world, nor are we borne of a single cultural background.

    For these facts, we cannot avoid the realization that we lack a certain perspective which the peoples and nations of the 'old world' possess by their very nature. America lacks patience, and without that perspective we reflexively assume that any 'plan' going beyond a single human lifetime is just a silly conspiracy, a product of over-active imagination.

    This is a huge cultural blindspot we have, and presently it conceals a great deal of danger.

    If we fail to overcome this profound weakness, then we fail. Period.


    1. Ha! Just realized I made a massive assumption in my above comment. I assumed that you would know that the "they" I was referring to were the founders of the "Frankfurt School" whose belief it was that as soon as they could establish communism in one major nation, they could sweep the world with it in a hundred years. Yes, they were, and still are, that full of bloody ambition, Brutus.
      And you will find it interesting to know that they all fled Frankfurt for New York, in the 1939~1941 timeframe, as they concluded that they would never wrest control of Germany away from Hitler, and thus never be able to control the outcome of the war they had been actively been fomenting since 1920.

      Thus the core communist planning board for the enitre world migrated from Frankfurt Polytech to Columbia University, with a little help from the Rockefeller family.
      Yes, the same Columbia where 0bammy allegedly got his undergrad degree.
      Oh, how the pieces all fall into place, eh?


  5. And one more thing... both the Frankfurt clutch at Columbia, and the Rockefeller family, were instrumental in establishing the United Nations in NYC. Because with the execution of the Bretton Woods Accord after WWII, NYC was made the "money capital" of the world.
    Shit they will never teach you in school, yet if you intend to understand the global communist/NWO strategy, then you must know the players, their roles, and the big plays made as they have moved the ball down the field.

    After over 20 years of studying these communist bastards, I am still boggled by how ambitious they are, and how effective their manipulations are. My only explanation is that they enjoy the support of pure evil, in both essence and name.

    And they're in scoring position, right now. Momentum is on their side, and all the things they have worked so hard to set in motion give them but a limited window of opportunity to complete what they have started, or fail utterly and suffer the entire backlash which such a global failure MUST bring with it.

    We have this in our favor - that unless they get to write the only version of the history of these events, they will soon be more hated than Hitler, Gengis Khan, and the Emperors Nero and Diocletian, all rolled into one.

    There's no middle ground here - either their victory is complete, or it will be an absolute failure, with grave ramifications. Why do you think that *all* communists, even the softest of the socialist persuasion, are hardliners when it comes to the elimination of all private right to keep and bear arms, and also that they *all* absolutely believe in some form of mandatory "re-education program" for those who will be "displaced" by the change they seek to create in the world.
    Of course, all the genuine commie demons believe that reeducation is best accomplished 'Hitler style' such as Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground freakshow.
    We will be obliged to hunt every last one of them, of course.... with nukes, if necessary.


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