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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Here is how 'They' are trying to destroy America...

After all, this is a city where nearly 40% of the residents are foreign-born, over 60% speak a language other than English at home, and about 20% — or 1,480,072 — of all registered voters are naturalized citizens or the U.S.-born children of immigrants.

The importation of vastly different cultures into our midst, by people who have zero intention of assimilating - at taxpayer expense - is criminal.  It is Treason.

It is well beyond merely ...rendering themselves obnoxious...

Here's the link.


  1. Keep importing morons from third world shitholes who contribute nothing,and are mainly here for all the free shit they can get-and they all vote for the democrats-always.
    We can not vote our way out of this epic clusterfuck.
    No way of knowing if it will take 5 days,5 months,5 years,or 25 years-but something's gotta give-this can not go on.

  2. Fuck. There's gonna be a fight. Enough bullshit and rhetoric and typing and bullshit and waffling and bullshit... let's have a beer, and then let's get it on. Then, when all the fuckers are dead, we'll have another beer. Or two. We'll pick teams. I'll pick you guys, they can have those fuckers over on the left. Let's go. Grandpa says... I bet we can even get Anheuser Busch to sponsor us... you already know who sends this.

  3. This is one of the final steps to creating a single-party Communist System. Why bother to "outlaw" other parties, when you can make them irrelevant? They've already done that in every urban voting district, and now they are forcing the rural and conservative areas to take refugees - both from overseas, as well as "urban refugees" from American cities to "eliminate prejudice and create equality in suburban neighborhoods lacking diversity" so that they can ensure no party is relevant save for theirs. By this ongoing deconstruction of the polity, they are making the political process irrelevant, and forcing the contemplation of a kinnetic solution to preserving liberty.

    As I have been saying for many years, the Collective holds as a core value that there should be no free choice anywhere, even outside the collective. Put that in perspective, and a lot of otherwise ridiculous things begin to make sense. They are fighting a war of absolutes, and thus a war which can and never will be over -

    "Only the individual can appreciate and pursue liberty; only the individual can experience justice or suffer injustice; only the individual possesses the power to choose and act in the real-time/real-world environment of life, towards success or failure.
    Liberty admits only free men, and these only with their active consent – a free man is also free to enter bondage, if that is his choice; but he may recant, and reclaim his liberty, should he so desire, and be committed to such a course thereafter. A free man is born into dignity, and should he live a dignified life, his dignity is also his reward, even in death…

    Collectivism does not admit any; rather, it demands that all be enrolled regardless of their will, and has as a core value that there should be no free choice anywhere – even outside the collective; no man, once enrolled by the collective, may recant his entry thereto, for the collective releases those who dissent only by death. Even death is denied it’s dignity by the collective."

    RTWT - http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/a-response-to-what-would-free-men-do/



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