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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rightful Liberty War Eagle III Gear Patch & Bags

This particular bag is mine.  The new patch is 4" round, and ideal for gear bags & Go Bags.  

I have many gear bags staged, and each will IFF me as III.  This patch has "Shoot, Move & Communicate" on the border, our III and 13 stars, and a War Eagle standing his ground.  

Everything about this message informs those who see it that you are a III Patriot on war footing.

We are offering the patch by itself so you can put it on your gear, and we are offering it on the Rothco canvas Paratrooper bag (like mine, above) and the round duffle.  As usual, the patch has 2-piece velcro backing, so whatever mounting options you need are available.

**Note** If you order the Paratrooper bag like mine in the picture, it WILL NOT come with the III Percent Patriot tape on the shoulder strap.  That's something I added to my personal rig.  If there is enough interest in shoulder-strap tapes, I'll look into buying a bulk.

III Rightful Liberty Patch

Paratrooper Bag (OD) with III Rightful Liberty Patch

Canvas Duffle Bag (OD) with III Rightful Liberty Patch

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  1. K, I want one of the paratrooper bags with the patch. I have issues with paypal so save me one and I'll give you FRNs for it next time I see you.


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