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Sunday, June 14, 2015

IIIPercent.com Email - and of Icebergs...

First: My deep thanks for those who donated to help support the IIIPercent.com email address effort. Donations/contributions were't required, but certainly appreciated.  The generous offerings covered the cost of the software and will help defray hosting costs.  Our IT Patriot back in NC donated his valuable time to get it up and running for us all - thanks D!

B: If you haven't yet signed-up for your IIIPercent.com email - here's the link.  I encourage you to do so in the next few days, as there is activity in the works that will begin gaining traction next week.  That traction will result in more email addresses being locked-up by new-found III allies.  Simply put - it'll be easier to get your first-choice now than it will be in a week or so.

Tree: The email address campaign is a classic White Morale Operation of the Donovan model. Yes, we have Black and Grey MOs working as well (see here for a taste of grey), but let's remember that what you see on this blog represents the tip of the iceberg, and nothing more.  The currents moving beneath the waves will usually remain obscured until the time has come for them to be known.  If you are going to be at PatCon next month, you'll get a peek beneath the waves...

Quadruple: Never forget - True Power comes in having a well-stocked toolbox, and knowing when (and how) to use a tack hammer, a bit of oil, a fish tape, or a jackhammer.  But - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER take the jackhammer off the table.  The moment you declare No Violence - you lose to the first guy willing to do violence.

V: Have a plan.  Work out the kinks.  Execute it ruthlessly.  Once on course, Stay the Motherfucking Course!  Never change streams in the middle of a horse!

PS: When a "Patriot" finds himself having to twist arms through his blog to get a place in a speaking rotation at a "Patriot Event" or another has to jump up and down while waving his arms and screeching "Hey, I'll be there, too!  Look at MEEEeeeeee!" - well, let's just all congratulate those robust public demonstrations of insignificance.  Cue polite golf clap now.


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