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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Training: This Could Be One of Your Battle Buddies...

Six shots & 1 reload.

4.9 seconds.

This is a III Patriot who is walking the walk, and putting himself out there to build Tribe.

If you are not training and building Tribe, you will lose everything for which you care...

...this Patriot won't lose.  Not free, anyway...


  1. Hook up with an IDPA club. Lotsa people do that.

    But for the record. The cardboard ain't shooting back. Standing flatfooted and doing it really ain't that impressive. It's a much harder gig if you gotta use cover.

    Still, it is really cool. I always get a rush doin' it.

  2. Did a two gun this weekend myself. Try to make it every month-Carolina Guns and Gear, Franklinville, nc for those of you in NC. This guy is impressive.


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