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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Remember how many 'Tough Patriots' pee'd their panties over this one...


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    1. Isn't it disturbing how many "Patriots" treat the Liberty Movement as an academic playground, where they spout theory after theory that will stop exactly ZERO alligators from eating their arses in the real world?

      The only "Patriots" more offensive than the 'Academics" are those tough talkers who squeal and find excuses why actual nooses are bad, despite their endless tough-guy calls for lamp posts and hemp, and those fucktards who go to an "Armed Civil Disobedience" event with thier slick & tricked ARs - with zip ties through the bolt chambers and empty magazines on their tacticool vests.

      There are a lot of boys and girly-men in our midst, very few with testosterone levels higher than the new Ms. Jenner.

      Note to everyone reading this: Ruthlessly stand apart from every wannabe you meet in your pursuit of Liberty. Those fuckers will not help you advance one step forward in your efforts.


  2. IFF is what it is. Those who whine about it are outing themselves... job complete.

    1. Exactly correct. Alan wrote a comment several years ago that not only stuck with me, but has become a guiding point in my interactions as I meet people, especially within the community. It was during one of the several MBV vs. K scrums - Alan said (paraphrased) "We may not be commenting, but we are watching - and choosing teams."

      People choose every hour of every day, based on old information and new revelations. People we let into our sphere often are let go, as they reveal themselves. A very small number remain through the years - diamonds in mountains of coal. Thus we build our Buddy Team, then our Fire Team, Cadre, neighbors, and one day, nation.

  3. Interesting exercise. We should all recoil at the sight of the rope. Judgement is a fearful thing. The interesting part is those that cry the loudest about its display will also watch with the most morbid fascination as it being used on you.
    And that should be the take away for the III party. Judgements coming. You can sit on your ass now, and decorate the rope tomorrow! Your choice.......MTHead


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