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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Stay the course...

Did I ever tell you about the little red corpuscle who was swimming in the bloodstream of a horse?

This little corpuscle was always in a hurry.  One day, he decided to play hooky from the school of red corpuscles, so he told his teacher he had a headache. 

Well, this was a mistake.  As he swam down the main artery, using the Australian crawl, he came to a fork in the stream - it was high tide.

The little red corpuscle took the fork on the starboard side.  He proceeded to swim lazily down the new stream when disaster suddenly struck! 

The little red corpuscle was swallowed by a huge virus.  

The virus' name was Cyrus.

Thus, our moral:  Never change streams in the middle of a horse!


  1. Replies
    1. Not really - more of a Fair Warning. ;)

      Roaches, Rats and Cowards prefer the darkness, where they spread their diseases and filth. I've let way too much of that continue in the last year without taking those idiots to task and setting the record straight. More than a few idiots mistake my tolerance and patience for weakness..

      I'm not afraid of the Truth or putting it out there for all to see.

      I'm going to enjoy watching those fucking panty-waste liars try to defend all the lies they've been zipping around in emails and back-channels. They think they are clever, and the smartest guys in the room..

      They actually fail to understand I have spent the last five years building my allies carefully - allies who are willing to smile in their faces while quietly sharing with me their Comms and details of their back-channel BS.

      Fuck 'em. Let the bodies hit the floor.

    2. Rock on.

      I've been doing the same on a certain level. ;-)


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