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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The absurdity of the [SCOTUS Gay Marriage] decision aside, it represents another stride forward for the revolution preached by Antonio Gramsci. Before we can capture the West, the Italian Marxist argued, we must capture the culture.

For only if we change the culture can we change how people think and believe. And then a new generation will not only come to accept but to embrace what their fathers would have resisted to the death.

Consider the triumphs of the Gramscian revolution in our lifetime.

First, there is the total purge of the nation's birth faith, Christianity, from America's public life and educational institutions. Second, there is the overthrow of the old moral order with the legalization, acceptance and even celebration of what the old morality taught was socially destructive and morally decadent.



  1. http://m.koco.com/news/10-commandments-statue-must-be-removed-from-state-capitol-oklahoma-supreme-court-rules/33849476

    1. As Muslims advance, it is men with weapons and bulldozers who knock down cultural icons such as ancient Buddha statues, et cetera.

      Here our enemies get it done with nothing more than 'law'.

      I am beginning to seriously consider this may be an Intolerable Act that gets the shooting started. If not - not much is left on the table as a catalyst except complete economic breakdown or iron-fist tyranny.

      We shall see.

    2. Hell , they've gone to far as it is. Reminds me of the movie Assault On Wallstreet. A man can only take so much.


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