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Monday, July 13, 2015

Boston is lost to us...


Weep later.

Right now it is the duty of every American Patriot to prepare to defend Liberty from Tyrants.

Any Boston Patriots?  Any Patriots headed to Boston?  

Operation Ghost Echo:

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  1. Boston was lost a generation ago. No one lives inside I195 but communist freaks and muzzy immigrants from Asscrackistan. Theres not a human soul to be found there which is not fully mortgaged to the Father of Lies. Seriously. I used to have to travel there for work regularly. Have stayed many nights at the hotel where the alleged 9/11 hijackers stayed... I was the only guy there not wearing a towel on my head.

    I will never willingly set foot in boozetown again. For all its history, it will be a shame to see it burn, but burn it surely will.


  2. The cradle of Liberty is now the land of fruity asses.

    1. ROFL LMAO

      Too true; it's also the San Francisco of the east coast... well, it's where all the swishers from P Town come to do their shopping, anyway.


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