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Monday, July 13, 2015


Can you feed your Team/Tribe if you have to fall back to a safe spot?

Can you move your entire kitchen if you are forced to bug out?

In the event of an emergency in your AO, are you able to show up with a kitchen and feed people?  

A couple of serious III Patriots are showing the way with multiple projects.

Link One.

Link Two.

Most importantly: When you see Patriots taking point, help them by making sure they have the resources to succeed in the project.  Here's that link.  Click it.  Help them - because they are helping you.

Watch.  Learn.  Emulate.

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  1. The goal,which we will achieve-is to create a design for a mobile kitchen,based on the Army surplus trailer shown.
    In the near future a design that will be adaptable to a box truck,or a pickup and construction trailer-or whatever you have to work with will also be posted.
    There will also be some menus and complete instructions on how to prep,cook,hold, and serve food for large groups.

    Sanitation guidelines are posted on this WRSA post in the comments...


    The rest will be posted by early next week, WRSA will have it posted and I will post it as well.


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