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Friday, July 10, 2015


They took it.  


The crowds cheered.

There was zero pushback.  

Contemplate this, folks.  

ThreatCon returned to Yellow for Region IV.

I don't drink.  I need to...


  1. I'll bring a bottle of something good to Patcon. We could all use a bit of salve for our battered souls at this point...


    1. Something to erase the memory of swallowing the Red Pill? Thank You. ;-)
      Just think how easy life lays on the minds of so many ignorant Americans. Some days I envy them.

  2. "The Left is now officially off-leash."
    Nathan Forrest’s Family Does Not Want Remains Exhumed Or Statue Removed, Mayor Claims Otherwise

    Yesterday, the Inquisitr reported on the Memphis City Council wanting to remove the remains and statue of a Confederate lieutenant general, Nathan Forrest. Today, more information on the story is available.

  3. What was put up in its' place?? Did they just happen to have a 'new' flag ready to go???

    We refuse to stand for anything. We have fallen for everything.


    1. The flag of rainbow bitches; Doug. No matter what it looks like.
      Flags we also can burn and piss on? Anyone thinking that little bitch walking on the american flag in the earlier post is going to stop you? How bout Obitches flag? We can't wipe our butt with it and send it to the local- leftie paper?
      No, our problem is we can't mentally except were already in the cattle-car. And fighting back is only futile if we don't do it.......MTHead

    2. Probably a flag with a pink poodle standing over crossed dildos. Never underestimate the gross stupidity of a pampered, dumb ed down, ignorant, apathetic populace.They evidently don't even know what a backbone is, let alone the need for one. Pathetic, disgusting, sickening, yet enlightening. When we scrape the table clean we'll need payloaders, big ones....

  4. This gets better by the second.
    The FBI is now claiming that Dylann Roof
    illegally purchased the gun he used to
    commit the murders on June 17th, as a
    result of "problems" with the NICS process,
    and anoverhaul of the system may be
    There you have it sports fans.

  5. I'd like to see the SALUTE report leading up to this event.

    Were people bused in?

    Numbers of Freefor vs. Activistfor?

    Placement of said people? - Freefor should have been in 1 single area...

    Was there opportunity to seize or destroy the flag in spectacular fashion before the ceremony could take place? - Thus denying them the Grand victory they engineered... didnt some hippy chick climb a pole and snatch a confed flag the other day? Are we below that?

    Why didn't a mob of shirtless (obviously unarmed) men storm the ceremony, take down and seize the battle flag, yell "FUCK YOU THIS IS OURS!!!" on a bullhorn, then hoist a flag with the "middle finger/resist" and egress???

    A flashmob of water balloons would have been better than nothing...

    The biggest issue, is a spectacular failure to engage in these things in a way that not only gets the point across that people are willing to show up, but to also "participate".

    How did occupy-wall street manage to pull it off? Do they have magical powers?

    At the first hint of taking down the flag, shouldn't there have been a chain of bodies around it??? Protest???

    FFS they dump piles of cow shit in front of the parliament buildings in Europe....

    Exactly who is not organizing opposition to this stuff?

    1. Great questions!! Nobody on our side is organizing any serious opposition to anything. We are stuck on 'we're scared' or 'don't make a scene' or 'that's not the hill I'm willing to die on'.
      The communists are winning and they know it. The communists know that nobody is willing to stand up and get a bloody nose to protest or protect anything!! This is why the communists are pressing the attack on all fronts. Marriage, freedom of speech, national/regional identity, guns, flags, cakes and many other issues are designed to keep us from looking at let's say Jade Helm 15 or a nuke deal with Iran or Hillary not wearing an orange jump suit. The communists have opened the flood gates to the destruction of our way of life.


    2. Sadly there are more crickets than Patriots, I fear.

      Alan attempted to rally people for Columbia - Crickets, especially from the SC contingent. Alan is in southern Florida - it shouldn't fall to him to handle SC business.

      Tyler Truitt's hearing is in 19 days or so, in Huntsville. A few folks in the region have said they'll be there. Nothing but crickets from the Sipsey contingent, which is 72 miles away. Those of us in Georgia, Florida, NC and ID shouldn't have to take point on an Alabama issue.

      The bakery in Oregon is a classic opportunity, but we saw the efforts put forth with SB 941 and Sugar Pine. They were dismal. The prudent III Patriot in Oregon looks at the bakery and has 2 immediate concerns: 1) What is the best course (because a course of action is not as clear-cut as preventing a flag from coming down) and 2) If I raise my head on this, how long before some incompetent or self-aggrandizing 'Patriots' show up and make a real muck of things? Both are valid concerns.

      Here are 2 fundamental problems:

      1) The number of Patriots who are actually willing to step up is not just small - it is teenytinymicro. We can see how many people worked themselves into an internet frothing over the flag in SC - and how many actually did anything. Extrapolate that across the country...

      2) Every single thing we do costs money, and until real revenue is generated to support ops, ops won't happen. Every dime generated by IIIGear is recirculated into III Ops & Projects - but that is a tiny revenue stream when considering we need Niagra. The III Society has a toe-hold, it has solid people in membership and in stewardship positions. It needs more of everything to launch an effective and *sustained* campaign. No Koch's are writing checks...

      There is much to do, too few hands, and very, very limited resources.

    3. ...the harvest is plenty, the workers are so few... almost seems Scriptural, doesn't it? From what I read, K, you (and I...) would just have to believe there's folks across the country ready to go, just waiting... waiting for what, I don't believe either of us know. Maybe when opfor starts kicking in doors at 0300, folks will have that "oh shit, this is really happening" moment...
      Let me share... hey everyone, this is really happening. It's happening on our watch, and although it may not - as of this moment - be happening close to home for you, rest assured (since you're resting....) that it is coming soon to a neighborhood near you... if you are not better prepared for it than you are now (no matter what your readiness level is) you will die, your wife and daughter(s) will be slaves of some sort, as will your son (s); and all you love and hold dear will be lost, through forfeit or fire. And if you are reading this, you cannot say "I had no idea" or "no one told me." LT ends every post with "WE HAVE BEEN WARNED" - and we have. Lineman, Mullenax, Sandman, K, (I know I'm leaving some brothers and sisters out, sorry...)
      hell, even me and Grandpa - have said again and again... it's time.
      "....having ears, they did not hear; having eyes, they do not see." I beseech you all, please know that apathy and indifference IS WHAT "THEY" ARE RELYING ON. Do you believe for even a moment the dumbing down in education, and the distraction offered by media and entertainment is "by accident", or "coincidence "? Or do you believe it is an insidious, multi-generational plot; to destroy this country of ours; and rip our hearts out?
      They are succeeding. Our acquiescence is in our failed response. I am moving my family and tribe to a defensive position; because I chose to fight. I always have. My suggestion is for you to ready yourselves, the day is at hand. Knuckle up. The time for beating plowshares back into swords is past, and as it has been said, our forefathers would already be shooting. Grandpa will say it once more, "if'n you ain't with us, yore agin' us." Honestly, I'm alright either way. It's up to you.
      Choose today who you will serve. As for me and my house...
      stormfriend sends

  6. This is the sad state of our republic. I wear my flag on my hat with my III pin off to the side and I get looks when I go to work, but no one as of yet has said anything. Wish they would cuz I'd remind them all of the oaths we took to work there. I'm from Virginia and I have ancestors turning in their grave because they fought under that flag. I do drink, but I've been consuming a bit to much of late as I see what goes on around me. Time for me to do the opposite and not drink, focus on training and readying myself for what is quite imminent!
    Freedom is only a mindset if you let others tell you what to think.
    Freedom is a God given right.
    Our Lexington and concord moment is fast upon us.

  7. I could have-and should have left for work at 7:30 this morning,but I stayed home to watch what happened in S.C.
    What a waste of time and lost $$$.
    My customer for the next week or so is a regular customer,has been for going on 8 years.
    She's a 66 year old lady.
    When I got there-she said it was-and I quote "fucking pathetic that no one is standing up to this bullshit"
    Then she handed me a cold beer-at 11am.
    Needless to say-I didn't get a whole lot done,other than sitting around and bullshitting about the sad state of this country for the first 2 hours of an already short day.
    ( I did work from 1 'till 6, after our 3 beers each)

    The point is it's almost all those of us who are 50+ who have had it with this Communist,leftist,gay pride bullshit.
    We are truly fucked-we have maybe the same less than 1% of the population as the sexual deviants and genetic defects that comprise the LGBT "movement"
    They are better organized,better funded,and better politically connected.
    We have to get organized-get people to kick in $$$,people show up IN FORCE every time some bullshit like happened in S.C. today happens.

    Question is how?
    How do we get people to kick in $$$$????
    We're working on growing membership-that helps some.
    What else can we do?
    This bullshit of none of us doing anything has to stop.
    We can not let this shit continue.

    1. I am one of the sorry fucks. Light into me because I deserve it. But you aren't going to tell me what I haven't told myself. I've been reading the comments here and elsewhere and noticed something. Everyone is pissed and let down and rightfully so. I would like to discuss somewhat the cause of some of the crickets so we can work from there. I am mid 40's and new to all this. My wife is close to 50 and recently sick ( doctors think MS but more tests required) today I should have been down there, it's an hour and a half away. My wife couldn't move this morning, so I took care of her and when I could went outside and selfishly worked on an older mustang im fixing up. There really is no excuse other than taking care of my wife comes first. Given our situation, we are auxiliary people, our hearts are there but sometimes the body will not follow. As to networking, I believe that is one of our a chilies heels. I know one group who don't trust me enough to let me in. I was starting to mesh with another group when my wife started getting sick. They stopped communicating because I couldn't always be there. So now we are on our own. As far as communicating online, well, don't want to put to much out there. There are alot of people i talk to who have the right heart but most are older and wore out from a life of working. Many can't quite get their heads around the fact that we are at the point we are. It's sobering when you go from paying the mortgage and having neighborhood picnics to realizing that soon blood may flow. I bow to you guys who train alot and are ready to go at a moments notice. But I feel it's important to think about how we can address the issues of trust, balance with daily shit and off grid networking. Lay into me for not being on the line but realize that not everyone is completely up to speed with all this.

    2. Laying into you on an individual level is not useful, fair or intellectually honest. You are not responsible for the problems in SC, nor is it your responsibility to run to every fire lighted by Bad People and try to put it out. Each and every one of us has things in our own neighborhoods (forget about towns and cities and AOs) that need to be addressed - so throwing stones is as intellectually dishonest as it gets.

      Personally, where my teeth start to grind, is when we see all the internet frothing, lines in the sand, 'Not one more inch" and "Wolverines" crap - yet not even one of those people can send CA at WRSA a single photograph from the SC Capitol today. It is that hypocrisy that will drive me to an aneurism. ;)

      Now that all of that is out of the way -

      Those of us who are awake are the Officer Corps. We must train and prep and be ready to take point when life goes sideways. There will be many people who stand up when it gets rough enough on them personally. It will take guys like you to fill their hands and tell them where to strike. So our mission right now must be to prepare ourselves for that day, rather than worrying so much about finding Tribe today.

      Tribe will come. It is imminent.

      Prepare yourself to lead, or at least take point, in that Tribe when it materializes.

      That is our mission, as I see it.

    3. I saw on the news here in upstate SC just now a mention that the place picked for the confederate flag to be displayed is already under attack. They will not stop, the fags will not stop, my wife and I realize what is needed. We gather and store what we can where we can. In my opinion, the flag needs to be patriated and given a proper home.

  8. Net/net, what we have done to date is meaningless.

    There is only one form of discourse which will have any impact on the course of events - the one we have all been caught wishing we will not have to resort to. But alas, we shall.

    To this, they have forced us, every step of the way.
    And if we fail in it, then the next generation of patriots *shall* be the last. For if we loose, those of the next generation who believe in liberty shall meet their fate in whatever the Bergen-Belson facilities are to be called this time around...

    We must win, or die trying.
    Anything less is utterly abhorent.

  9. Tempers are at a boiling point where I live......something is going to happen, don't know just what yet but this is a shove that will be shoved back.....it's a sorry day in America....next they will want to bulldoze the Confederate cemeteries and haul the CSS Hunley back out to sea and dump it in the water...spit !


  10. Do not fear not be dismayed. They are falling right into our trap. Keep up the down in the mouth act. It's working. They grow more cocky and bold by the day. Do some research on false flags and see how they play into the hands of the left and the unwashed masses. When they step over that line, and they will, give them the biggest blow you can muster. Stop them right in their tracks.

    We just haven't seen the whites of their eyes and all they really did was take a flag down. Big fucking deal.

    Start making eye contact with every fucker you want to - take to the woodshed. Make damn sure it's a one way trip. Do not fear. Your training for now is patience. Do you hunt? Do you go out making all kinds of noise or do you wait, watch, listen? Take aim, breathe, fire.

  11. First they said they would give me medical insurance, or else.
    I didn't worry because I could keep my doctor.
    Then they said that the tax agency forgot their records.
    I didn't worry because I'm not a non profit.
    Then they said a piece of cloth was racist.
    I didn't worry because I'm not southern.
    You know the rest.... Coyote 26 out.


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