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Monday, July 6, 2015


If your Combatives are not hardcore and simple, you will lose.

Coming to PatCon?  Drop the planning Team a note and let them know you'd like to be part of the Combatives workshop.  Here's the site.

You can also sign-up for the CQB site here.  (Password: Citadel)  We'll leave a few sample vids up through tomorrow.  Sign-up and access the full library.

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  1. Heh. I've used that one a number of times. You'll be facing off with opponent #2, even before #1 rests firmly on the ground.
    Simple, repeatable, effective techniques like these give you a distinct advantage - not only because they unquestionably neutralize the opponent in front of you, but even more importantly - because they give you the unfettered innitiative, and thereby the power to choose who you fight next, or the essential moment in which to withdraw.

    This is what is mean by the phrase "Own the Fight", folks.
    Take the innitiative from your opponent as quickly as possible, and then KEEP it. He who has the innitiative has choices, and he who has choices, has the power to choose victory, or escape, as he sees fit and necesary.

    Without the innitiative, you are fighting until your opponent(s) say you're done, and that is a sure formula for failure.

    To win the fight, Own the Fight!


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