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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Holy WTF! Why Tyler Truitt's Fight is worth Supporting - Seattle...

Seattle: City Needs To Move Away From The Idea That Families Can Live In Their Own Home On A Piece Of Land

Anyone who can't see old-school Communism at work is simply beyond my ability to help.  Honestly, anyone who can't IFF our Main Enemy as Reds should be considered a Useful Idiot now, and unsuitable for continued residence amongst us later.  Not to mention too stupid to be permitted to breed.


Communism is a game of incrementalism.  1A.  2A.  4A.  5A.  Property Rights...

And fall the dominoes continue...

Thanks to MC for the link.


  1. Small comfort that Seattle will be targetted in the first nuclear volley, should that scenario ever come to pass.

    In the mean time, the stench of that garbage heap continues to poison the air, all the way across our once-great nation.

    Even so, come quickly, Lord.

  2. Seems the 2 main commies are pissed that the Seattle Times reporter published their plans...

    “My co-chair and I are very disappointed that you and The Seattle Times have chosen to undermine the efforts of the HALA, a citizen advisory group, by prematurely releasing an unapproved draft of our report,” Faith Pettis and David Wertheimer, the co-chairs, wrote in an emailed statement.


    It also states in the updated article that the last council meeting on Mon. they voted not to allow this bullshit.
    There's no way in hell this will take place now that they've been found out.

  3. Rope, bitches.
    Lots of it.

    To be festooned over lampposts everywhere, with a little loop at the end for suspending a political Cupie Doll in plan public view...


    1. Dang. When LT starts cussing, you know shits getting serious.


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